Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway

February 27, 2014

February Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway
Win a Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash ($229 value)



Bloggers & Authors have joined together and each chipped in a little money towards a Kindle Fire HDX 7″.

The winner will have the option of receiving a 7″ Kindle Fire HDX (US Only – $229 Value)

kindle+fire+hd Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway


Or $229 Gift Card (International)

amazon+gift Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway


Or $229 in Paypal Cash (International)

paypal Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway




February Sponsors

  1. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
  2. Feed Your Reader
  3. Romance Through the Ages
  4. Buried Under Romance
  5. Author Inger Iversen
  6. Jenna Does Books
  7. Author Jennifer Laurens
  8. Author Bonnie Blythe
  9. Author Bella Street
  10. The Reporter and the Girl
  11. Author Brinda Berry
  12. The Storybook Kingdom
  13. More Than a Review
  14. Bea’s Book Nook
  15. Bookroom Reviews
  16. The One With The Fairy Tales
  17. MyLadyWeb: Women’s History and Women Authors
  18. The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl
  19. I Heart YA Fiction
  20. My Devotional Thoughts
  21. Kindle and Me
  22. Clever Me
  23. Every Free Chance Book Reviews
  24. Author Karey White
  25. Author Aubrey Wynne
  26. Author Kimber Leigh Wheaton
  27. A Leisure Moment
  28. Author Louise Caiola
  29. Author Christie Anderson
  30. Author Carol Malone
  31. Immortal Ink Publishing
  32. Author A. Wrighton
  33. Author Heather McCoubrey
  34. Attack of the Books!
  35. Rumor Has It
  36. Barb’s Wire – eBooks & More
  37. Author Linda S. Prather
  38. Tressa’s Wishful Endings
  39. Laurie Here
  40. Author Heather Gray
  41. Author Kelly Martin
  42. Author Brenda Maxfield
  43. A Southern Lady’s Book Blog
  44. Author Paige Ryan
  45. Confessions of a Librarian in Training
  46. My Nook, Books and More
  47. Lori’s Reading Corner
  48. Author Elizabeth Woodrum
  49. Author Kristin Wallace
  50. Author Jo Grafford
  51. Writer Wonderland
  52. Author Jaret Martens
  53. Author Christi Corbett
  54. Author Derek Rempfer


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Giveaway Details

1 winner will receive their choice of an all new Kindle Fire 7″ HDX (US Only – $229 value), $229 Amazon Gift Card or $229 in Paypal Cash (International).

There is a second separate giveaway for bloggers who post this giveaway on their blog. See details in the rafflecopter on how to enter to win the 2nd Kindle Fire HDX 7″.

Ends 2/28/14

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sponsored by the participating authors & bloggers. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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Josh Stillman is having a  book promotion on his KDP SELECT free dates.  You can download the Kindle Book f for free on January 14-16.  I wrote some blog posts  (  and B why this is a good idea, since Amazon will help to promote your book if it is downloaded a lot on a free day.   I have a new service where I will send your free Kindle book to 25 of the best free eBook sites for your free days for $30.00. (($5.00 off if you purchase,) You will get a lot of downloads with all that exposure.    Click here to purchase. Then come back and read all about Josh’s  book then download it for free on Amazon.

About Josh

I began writing a little more than seven years ago during a tremendously confusing and painful period of my life in which my mental health deteriorated rapidly over the course of a couple of weeks. Due to the immense confusion, my reality and my understandings of basic 19395357  Marcurias End Give a Wayconcepts shifted and changed over a short period of time, so I wrote out of desperation, in search of anything that would keep me “steady,” that would keep me anchored to anything solid, to anything of real substance. Out of this womb, the initial draft of Marcuria’s End was born. For many years, I struggled through tremendous adversity while steadily working on the book: shaping it, molding it into a worthy offering. Every ounce of my soul went into every word and every sentence because I believed in the art I was creating; this was my anchor to peace and clarity. Writing Marcuria’s End saved my life, and now I wish to share it with you, because I believe there is something of value contained within its pages, something worthy of your precious time and hard-earned money. I wouldn’t have published it otherwise.Yes, I self-publish. And, yes, I fully understand and appreciate the negative perceptions that go along with the label. I want you to know that I am going to work my hardest, that I am going to do my very best to rise above and break through those dismal expectations. It is my aim to create excellent content that doesn’t just compare to the best books from traditional publishers but surpasses them in originality, depth, and execution. I will become known for the superb quality of my work or I shall not be known at all. Never will I publish anything that does not meet my strict standards. Marcuria’s End took me over seven years to write, edit, and publish. If it takes me that long to publish the next novel, then so be it. I cannot in good conscience release anything of inferior quality and then ask for your money and time. I will not stand for that. I care about people, not dollars, so I will work hard to earn your trust by only publishing content of the highest order.

 Mecurias End

The world of Marcuria nears its predestined end. This is the last Age. The final Cleansing. Three unwitting harbingers—whose lives have been carefully constructed, vigilantly directed onto dark paths—are being prepared for this culmination. Monsters they are destined to be, not the heroes they always dreamed.Alyn sees what others cannot: the Dark. This darkness infests the land, swarms over all creation. Even those he loves are infected with it. Hatred for the Dark festers as Alyn battles a raging torrent inside: an alluvion yearning to sweep this perceived blight out of existence.

Jarrod is a carousing layabout haunted by the trauma he suffered as a young child. He drowns himself in drink and the occasional girl to escape the constant, hellacious memories. Yet this isn’t enough. It can never be enough. For years, he has mulled over a solution, but his cowardice is too great of an impediment. Even so, the notion of revenge never wanders out of reach as it foments his craving for knowledge.Gherart has just celebrated a major promotion to join the ranks of the Eldest’s personal guard. These elite guardsmen are recognized as national heroes, exemplars of virtue and honor. To have come this far, Gherart has had to transform himself into a new man, a religious man. This mighty change entailed purging his life of every connection to his criminal past; however, there is one tie he can’t cut loose: his best friend—a brother in spirit. . .a thief envious of Gherart.

Don’t forget to download his book July 14-16 especially if you like the Fantasy Genre.


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Please forgive for not posting about Google+ today. I will resume in my next post. I have taken a break to help my good friend, Trish Silver with her website of the beautiful jewelry and to help her promote her Holiday Sale and Contest. Every piece of jewelry is on sale on the site.  Just click on the Holiday Coupon link on the main page and get the code for the jewelry you would like to purchase.  You can also see some of it on my Pinterest page:  Trish is an author just like you.

Let me tell you about the great contest she has going until January 5.

Trish is going to make a Euro-Bracelet worth $80 just for the winner of the contest. The good news is you can enter it by filling out the contest form at the end of the post. Here is an example of the Euro-bracelet style:
best blue Win a Euro Bracelet Made for You


Here are the directions to enter the contest

  • Fill out the contest form so I know where to send you the bracelet if you win.
  • There are three options to choose:
    • Tweet  about the contest (5 entries)
    • Like her Facebook page (5 entries)
    • Write a paragraph explaining which of the  Euro-Bracelets you like the best and why, (The Euro-bracelets are in the style of the Her Royal Majesty above with a cost of $80.00.) (10 entries)

Tweet about the contest  ( This can be confusing to some people)

  • When you click on the option there is a tweet written for you.  Send the tweet.  Change it if you wish.
  • After you send it go to your Twitter page and find it.
  • Look for the time of the tweet on the right.  Click on it.
tweetlink 1 e1387579602676 Win a Euro Bracelet Made for You


  • It will take you to the tweet URL page.  Copy the URL.

tweetlink 2 150x150 Win a Euro Bracelet Made for You






  • Then paste it into the space provided in the tweet option of the Contest Form on my Facebook page.

Like  Trish’s Facebook Page

  • If you have already liked the  Facebook page,  click the  “I Liked the Page” button in the contest form.
  • If not,  please like her  page  then come to this option and click the “I Liked The  Page button” (5 entries).

Write a Paragraph

  • Go to
  • Click on “All Products”  on the top of the home page.
  • Look at all the  Euro-Bracelets (all have a regular price of $80.00 but are discounted 25% at this time) The  style is similar to Her Royal Majesty pictured above:
  • Write the name and number of the bracelet you like best.
  • Write a paragraph about why you like it better than the others.  You can also make suggestions.
  • Send the paragraph as an attachment to me: Janis Friesler, at   I will give you an extra entry because you read my blog, so let me know that in the email.
The paragraph will give Trish an idea  of the style and colors you like best for the bracelet that she will make for you if you win.
You will get 30 entries if you do it all. so that is all there is to it.  Please enter her  Holiday Contest.  You can’t win if you don’t enter.  I hope you enjoy seeing all the jewelry she has made for you to purchase.



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Let’s Commoogle!

November 20, 2013

Today as promised, this post will give  an overview of Google + Communities.  Today I joined several communities for authors, publishers, and book marketers.  I hope after you read this post, you will do the same.   Let’s start with a video overview (above) I found on YouTube by Martin Shervington.

To find the communities for authors, publishers, or for book marketing, go to your profile or the Home page of Google +.  Look on the left sidebar, and you will see a link to Communities.  Click on the link and it will take you to the communities page.  There you can search for applicable communities.   I put ‘authors’ in the search box, and there were plenty of communities to join.  The communities with the most members appear from the top.  I looked at all of them because some with fewer members had some very interesting posts.  It may take them more time to build up their membership base.

Make sure to include me in your circles and I will do the same  for you.  Comment on this post and I will put one of your books on our Books We Love page. (This will give you a backlink to your site and a link to Amazon.)  Happy commoogling!

 Lets Commoogle!

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Today I am going to build a Google+ profile for my public profile. A good profile  should engage people so they want to follow you and want you in their circles.  It also should be useful for searching so readers can find your website, blog, and books. You can  have a business page for your books, I set one up for Assisting Authors Online. Read my previous post, “Expand Your Reach with Google+” to get the background on why it is important to create a presence on Google +.


  1. If you have a Gmail or Google account, use that to sign in to Google +.  If you don’t, go to and sign up for an account.   Do that now:   This account can be used with all Google applications including Youtube.
  2. When you sign up for an account be sure to signup as yourself not your business.  You can sign up with your pen name if you wish.
  3. When you reach your profile, Google + will offer a custom url  be sure to accept this because it is easier to use.
  4. You will see a lot of information to fill in, Work, Education, Basic Information, Links, Contact Information and your Bio.  I read an article by Kathryn Dolllar for Media Orchard who wrote that you should fill out as much as you are comfortable with because Google favors those who have complete profiles.  I am pretty much done with my profile.  You can use it as a model.

Profile Cover

Max Size Template 2120x1192 100 percent Build a Google + Profile to Attract Readers

  1. Your profile image is very important because your image will display in searches.  Use a professional hi res image of yourself.  It is recommended that if you decide to have a business page, use  your logo as a profile image on that page. As an author, you could have a 250 X 250 pixels  an image of you holding your book,  I am sure you will think of something creative.
  2. The cover itself is huge: 2120 X 1192 pixels.   It gives you a lot of room to work with.   Above is a image of a template that meets the size. Notice that the  bottom of the image is for your profile image and other things.
  3. You can download  above template to help you create the profile cover.  You can click on the image and it will take you where you can download it.  If you Google, “Google+ profile cover templates”, there are many free and paid templates you can choose to download.
  4. I created a  cover for my business page and I am not sure I love it.  Please let me know what you think of it in a comment.  I still haven’t finished the cover for my profile.

If you have a blog, you absolutely must relay the posts to your social media sites.  I know that you can do this with stand alone WordPress blogs ( your own url) but I am not sure about Blogger and sites like that.  If any of you know,  please leave a comment.  I use NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster as  the plugin to send my blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google +.  On your plugins page on the top, it says “add new,” just copy and past the name of the plugin into the box.

The next post will get you into the heart of Google+.  The circles and the communities.  They are what really make Google + different.  Don’t forget to comment about my business page cover.  You can see it by clicking this link: http:/./

For more information, click on the article below.

Janis Friesler
Assisting Authors Online




 Build a Google + Profile to Attract Readers

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I have not been active on my blog or Social Media for a while..  I have been very busy working on my  new services (getting books into libraries all around the country) and (making interactive books for IPad.).    That being said,  I am inviting you to learn a long with me by following my new series  about expanding your presence on Google +.  I have read articles recently on how important it is for people especially authors to become active on Google + for these reasons:

Search Engine Ranking

  1. If you send your blog posts to Google +  and your content is original or skewed differently than the original,  your post could go up in rank on Google Search.  Why?  Because Google owns Google+ and will give posts on Google + preference.
  2. If you post YouTube videos to go with your content ,  Google also owns YouTube so the same applies.  Make sure the video is original or if not, give credit.

Google Authorship

  1.  This something to aim for if you want to rise in the Google search engine ranks.  You can request Google Authoship after posting a lot of original content on Google+ and making sure that you have your name as the aiuthor with each post.
  2. If you are awarded Google+ Authorship, after increasing your visibility, researchers will start taking you seriously as a source and you will be credited for your knowlege and expertise.
  3. Google will put your image next to your posts to show that you have Google Authorship and researchers will take you seriously as a source,
  4. Naturally with this recognition, your posts will rank higher on Google search.

Google + Right Sidebar

  1. This is even better than Google Authorship.  If you post a lot of great original content often, then Google + may reference your posts on the right sidebar.
  2. Google’s search engine will then send searchers to the posts.

​Google + Ripples

  1. If you are a blogger which is very important for authors, you should want to know your reach. ripple3 Expand Your Reach with Google+ If people are sharing your content, you are gaining visibility which is very important to an author.  I often buy books from aurthors who I know to be experts in their field.
  2. Google+ Ripples will allow you to see how visible you are as an author. It is a type of circle graph that will tell you how a particular post on Google+ is being shared.
  3. It will show you which of your followers share your posts the most.
  4. .Once you find out who shares your posts the most, you can invvolve them more closely in your activities to promote your books.  For instance book launches, give-aways, book signings, etc.

If you want to find out more ways to use Google +  read Jeff’ Bullas’s blog post at: marketing/

The next post in the series will help you plan your profile page on Google+ for  the best impact on users so they will follow you.


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I was going to write a blog post about this but Lowell Young wrote this post for a virtual book tour stop at one of BKWalker’s Blogs, BOOKIT.  Since he wrote most of what I would write in a post,  I decided to put it up as a guest post instead of shameless self-promotion. I  am putting out a new list of services this week some of which you can not get elsewhere.  Keep an eye out for the announcement.  Please leave a comment with techniques you use to promote your non-fiction books.

Prior to publishing, I sent out 50 query letters to potential literary agents. The few who bothered to reply used words like, folksy, quaint, heartfelt, but not interested. This time, however, through an profound mystery, Janis Friesler from responded. We quickly discovered that we were both retired teachers and had much in common. I sent her a copy of Biodesign Out for a Walk, which she enthusiastically embraced, and became the knowledgeable, mult-italented agent I was searching for to promote my non-fiction book. Here is some of the magic she worked:


Lowell and Christie 200x300 How to Promote Non Fiction Books  The Siirst thing she did was to format my book for Kindle and uploaded it.  She walked me through the process.  She suggested I sign up for Kindle Select even though I would not be able to put the eBook up anywhere else for 90 days.  She said it would be worth it because then I could give the book away for free five times during the ninety days.  I plan to give the book away two days at the end of my virtual book tour.  She wrote a blog on why authors should give their books away for free:  You can find the whole series in her blog  archives,


Once the book was formatted, uploaded, and signed up for Kindle Select, the next step was getting the videos in order.  I already had a book trailer, and videos testimonials. as well as a YouTube Channel.  Janis did some editing and created a video book review for me and put it on Amazon.  She also collected reviews from Amazon to use in my press packet for the tour.

Virtual Book Tour

Janis set me up with a wonderful virtual book tour by contracting with Virtual Book Tour Cafe. run by BK Walker.  I received 10 targeted blog stops with spotlights, interviews,  guest blogs like this, or reviews.  All I had to do was write the blogs, answer the interview questions, and go to each stop on the schedule a few times a day to respond to comments and questions.  Janis managed the tour for me, making sure I sent her everything needed.  She wrote a press packet for me  which included contact urls, bio, images. embed code for my book trailer and the embed code for my contest form.  At this writing I have over 600 entries in my contest.  The contest is very important because the readers do tasks to promote my book for entries.  I am giving away a Kindle Fire HD so it is worth it for readers to have multiple entries.

The Launch

After the tour is over,  I am having a free book launch for two days.  As I said before,  Janis gave the reasons to do this in her blog series.  The main reason is that the more downloads I have the more Amazon will take notice and help promote my book.  For instance they may put it in “Other books you may like” on similar book pages.   After the Launch,  Janis will get the winner of the contest from Rafflecopter and I will email an Amazon Gift Certificate to the winner.  This way they can upgrade to a more expensive Kindle Fire or buy something else if they already have one.  At this time we have seleccted a winner.  Congratulations to Patti Rosellini.

After the Launch

Janis plans to format my book for iBook.  She is going to make the book interactive with images, video and sound.  She will also put my book on Sony books, Kobe,   She is going to jazz up my Amazon purchase page wirh images, links and video, create an Amazon Author Central presence, and she is also interested in helping me start a Podcast.

As you can see,  there is a lot to do to promote a non-fiction book as well as a fiction book.  It is very time consuming.  You can do it yourself but expect to spend a lot of time gathering information, uploading, formatting books, video, etc,  I knew it would take me a long time because I am not technology savvy.  I decided to leave most of it to the experts.

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A new Amazon book launch is happening for a  wonderful book called Biodesign Out for A Walk by Lowell Harrison Young.  I read the book while formatting it for Kindle and I loved every minute of it.  You will have the opportunity to download the book for free at the end of the virtual book tour and get entries to the Kindle Fire HD Give-away that will happen at the end of the tour.  I have put the information below so you can follow the tour schedule and the contest form so you can enter it here as you complete the options.  I will be writing a blog about the book as a participant in the tour on September 18th.  You will gain entries for following and commenting at the blog stops on the tour.  Good Luck!

banner1 Biodesign Out for A Walk Launch: Win A Kindle Fire HD

Tour Schedule

August 27 – Tour Kickoff at VBT Café Blog
August 28 – Interviewed at BK Walker Books Etc.
August 29 – Spotlight at Bikers With Books
September 3 - Spotlight at Rose & Beps Blog
September 5 - Guest Blogging at Deal Sharing Aunt
September 10 - Author 2 Author Marketing at BookIt! BK (Tips on Marketing for Non-Fiction Authors guest post)
September 16 - Spotlight at 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy & Sissy Too!
September 16 - Guest Blogging at Lori’s Reading Corner
September 18 - Spotlight at Assisting Assisting Authors Online
September 20 - Spotlight at Brooke Blogs
September 23 - Reviewed at Notebook of Books

Enter Kindle Fire HD Give-Away

Rafflecopter giveaway

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One of the nicest people I know is Lowell Young, author of Biodesign Out for A Walk.  If you are a teacher, lover of nature, spirituality,  philosophy, you must read this book.  The story is real, exciting, beautiful and touching all at the same time.  I cried at the end because I didn’t want it to be over.   I will be writing a more detailed blog about the book because I signed up for his upcoming book tour.  If you have a book blog, education blog, nature blog, spiritual or religious blog, you would do your readers a favor by signing up as well.  Here are the reasons why: 

banner 300x180 9 Reasons to Host a Virtual Book Tour

  1. Your readers will have access to a contest to win a Kindle Fire HD for Lowell’s tour.
  2. You will get 10 extra entries to the contest for signing up for Lowell’s tour.
  3. The Virtual Tour Cafe also has a  contest giving away Amazon Gift Certificates if you sign up to host tours.
  4. You will get more traffic to your blog from people who follow the tour and more comments. Following the blog and commenting is one of the options for Lowell’s contest.
  5. You can publish an interview with Lowell, just by sending him a bunch of questions so his answers will be most of the post.  Not too much work for you.
  6. You can get a free pdf of the book and write a review as your post and put it on Amazon in addition to your blog.  You get ten entries to the contest for a review.
  7. You can write a spotlight of Lowell and the book like I am doing when I host the tour. You will have all the information you need in a press kit that will be sent to you.
  8.  You can have Lowell write a guest blog on a topic that would fit with your blog.  That would be very little work for you.
  9. You will be a guest host for The Virtual Tour Cafe and will be able to get a lot more traffic to your blog by signing up to host other tours.  You can pick whatever books that interest you.
I hope I convinced you bloggers out there that hosting a virtual book tour is a win-win situation.  It has worked for me and it will work for you. So go to  Scroll down to Biodesign Out for a Walk and sign up for the tour, then download the press kit.  I will send you more information once I know the date you picked to host because BK Walker, owner of the Virtual  Tour Book Tour Cafe will send me the schedule and the hosts. You can look for other interesting tours to sign up for while you are on the page. Then click on the menu item, Become A Tour Host and you will get an email when a new tour is available.
 Happy Blogging!


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comments1 Get More Comments on your Facebook PageI was invited to join a Facebook Group designed to get more Facebook Comments and ikes.  I thought it would be be great idea to get the author community networked on this site.  Please watch the video which I think explains how to use the group better than the directions given on the site.   This site is by  invitation.  Watch the video here and if you would like an invitation, please leave a comment or email me at with your email and Facebook fan page link and I will send you an invitation.  You can watch the video again after that.  It is really a cool group.

If you do not have a Facebook Fan Page, here is the post that is the start of the series that will show you how: or I will create one for you including 3 extra pages to go with it for $125. You can see mine at Click on the icons below the cover image to see the extra pages. The purpose of this post is not to sell services, but I am convinced that a fan page is essential for an author.

Hope you would like to join. Send me your fan page url and your email address.  Make sure when you join to write a post that you received the invitation from Janis Friesler.  Then start inviting your friends so we can make an author network in the group.

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