5 Ways to Promote Your Book on Amazon – Day 4 – Amazon Groups

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Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with your families.  Today as promised I will talk about Amazon Groups.  Although Amazon is not a social media site per se’,  it does have profound similarities to other social networking sites in the way it handles groups.  It would help the readers of this blog if you would volunteer your online group experiences by telling your story in a comment. I feel there is not a better way to get your name and your book out in cyberspace than joining groups and better yet hosting groups.   David and I received  most of our clients from the Linked in groups without much self-promoting at all.  If people like what you have to say and find you interesting, they will gravitate to what you have to offer. So lets forge a  head a find out about Amazon groups.

Amazon Groups are called communities.  To get involved in a community, click here: http://www.amazon.com/communities/.  This will take you to a page where you can search for a community that fits your book.  This time I went to the search page and typed in Chick Lit.  It brought me to a page where a woman wrote a post asking for advice about what to read next.  I filled out a form about Meredith Cagen’s book, Size Eight in a Size Zero World which fit the criteria to a Tee.  It even gave me a link to search for her book on Amazon and put the link in my post.  I suggest that you get a friend to find your genre and join a community there.  Then your friend can suggest your book.

The neat thing about communities is that they attract  mostly readers and isn’t that a great way for people to find out about your book.  These communities are created from the tags  that we talked about in the first blog of this series, Tag My Book on Amazon. They also have discussion forums to go with each community.    I will put a page up on our Exchange so if you would like to have others comment on your book and you are willing to do the same, just leave a link in a comment and put our exchange banner on your site with a link to it in the comment box also.  Don’t forget to comment about social media groups that you have found valuable.

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