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Hungry for Shifters?
Ami Blackwelder, the author of The Hunted of 2060, a YA Paranormal Romance can be found at Her novel is the first book in a six part saga. A story about prejudice, betrayal, humanity, acceptance of oneself, and wildlife conservation. In negotiations to be made into a film and video game. Cross your fingers.

Ami Blackwelder also has a review blog where she will post your reviews of books and author guest blogs She also launched a new blog for six authors to join once a month. Author information stays on the blog for one full month. Included with trailers, giveaways, book covers, and websites, this is not to be missed!

I am proud to announce that six of our authors are being featured  at  Mike Dolan is being featured for his book, A Pecunious Life until November 25th. See the ad on the left sidebar. Mike has a great contest running on his site as well. Check it out at On November 25th the other five authors are being featured:

Meredith Cagen, a wife, mother and nurse is also an author.  Her book, Size Eight in A Size Zero World is contemporary  romantic fiction in the Sex in the City mode.  She is a very funny writer, you would all enjoy her book.  Find out more about Meredith and her book at  Her blogs are very entertaining yet have a strong message.  Meredith also has a book contest starting on her site in a day or so.

Wayne Farquhar, a homicide detective in real life, is the author of Blood Over Badge, an exciting crime novel. I couldn’t put it down.  Learn more about it at  Wayne also has an interesting blog on his site.

Diane Griffin, a security expert, is the author of Everything You Need to Know About the Security Clearance Process. She has a lot to tell you about why you might want to apply for a Security Clearance and clears the red tape so you know what to do.

George Sherman Hudson an author and a publisher.  His first book Drama is being featured at the virtual park.
He has a beautiful website where you can find more books in the Urban Fiction genre:

Julie Wise, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach, is the author of Dream Bigger: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease. Julie is also having a fantastic contest.  Learn all about it in my previous blog or at

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