Six Ways to Market Your Book at No Cost

I received a message today from an author who needs help promoting her books.  She can’t afford to hire someone to help her.  She read about a promotion I am running and was hoping she could be included.  I wrote her back and I would like to share with you the things I told her.

First I would like to tell you that Assisting Authors Online is a business.  Of course we would like to have paying clients and we do.  This website was built to promote our clients and we rarely promote ourselves.  We feel when authors get to know us, they will trust us enough to let us work for them.

The reason I say this is you should look at the promotion of your book the same way.  Selling your book is going to take hard work and it is not going to happen over night.  For example, Authors Den gets two million visitors a month. Most of them are authors.  The competition is tight.  You should find a way to stand out and it is not going to be easy.

I am going to list six fantastic offers that cost nothing but could pay off big time. You should take advantage of these offers because there is not much work involved and there could be benefits.

  1. This is a contest for non fiction books.  Mike likes books that he can learn from.  This contest consists of a full profile on his contest page that includes a link to your site or blog and a link to your Amazon purchase page.  This helps with your Google standings. You are also mentioned on his blog that goes to about 80 social networks.
  2. Julie Wise has a contest to help you dream bigger and make your dream come true.  This contest will be over November thirtieth. You do not have much time.   You have to tell her either in a video or a message some things about a dream you have.  If you win, you will get about $3800 worth of services to help you dream come true.  Take this seriously because you have an excellent chance of winning.
  3. Meredith Cagen has a contest for  Chicklit writers.  You can win a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate.  Her blog also goes to about 80 sites.
  4. Tag Your Book on Amazon.  Read my blog below.  This is an important way to get your  Amazon ratings up.  We do this for all our clients.
  5. Ami Blackwelder spotlights six authors a month at Authors At the Virtual Park.  She promotes this like crazy so it would be crazy not
    to be part of it.
  6. Assisting Authors Online has a Books We Love contest.  I wrote about it in my last blog.  You can read it after we are finished here.
    We read your book, if we love it we put it on our Books We Love Page with  links to your website or blog and a link to your Amazon purchase page.  We will use this page for a book cover contest and a book review special in January.

Remember this, to sell your book you need to be known as does your book.  I have listed six ways to get you and your book noticed.  The more
places your name and your book title appear on the web, your stock will go up and you will be known.  Give it a try.

If you like this blog, please click on the thumbs up like button and make a comment.  If you make a comment the search engine might grab it and your name will be mentioned.  Also please sign up for our news letter.  Every month we send out more tips and tricks to promote your book.

Good Luck

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  • Hi! I am a Romantic Suspense novelist. My first eBook was published via Extasy Books October 15th 2010. I wish I would have found you back then! But they say everything happens for a reason… When I started promoting my book I was frustrated by the lack of resources and direction available. So I started my own. I started a page of all of the promoting resources and opportunities I came across in my many many ours of web surfing. I wanted to try anyone who found themselves in the same situation. Basically what I wanted to say is thank you, I wish I would have found you sooner…but thank you for giving newbies more of a chance.

    Amy Romine
    Trust Me Book 1 – Serenity Lost

  • Hello! I have written my first book ever and I am a genealogy nerd and have helped so many others find their family history.I have a bible my grandmother left me and she had recipes all in the margins. I got to thinking what a shame that these be lost forever so with her recipes and other old family recipes I decided to make a family cookbook.I live on disability so it took me over a year to put together. I had no encouragement but I am a driven person when I’m pasionate about something.I did lots of research and did all the type setting,style and other real interesting facts in my “Bass Family Cookbook and More.I have not missed a family reunion in over 50 years so I took 50 copies with me and sold out in 10 minutes. My problem is I want my book out there for others to see and remember their mothers or grandmothers recipes that they lost or forgot about.This is a cookbook that can be passed down generation to generation.I had to stop at 146 pages as cost was hard for me but I have authentic recipes dating back to 1700’s that are real family recipes that someday will be a vol2 God Willing and I can get the help I need to continue sharing what everyone that has purchased a book says it’s really one of a kind.I have several copies and a disc left. I need help as my dad has a brain tumor and my mom needs help desperately so I was hoping my book would be a way of helping them as they were there for me my whole life.
               Panela Glass

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