Two Exciting Contests to Promote Your Books Online

A Pecunious Life

This  contest is held by Michael Dolan, author of “A Pecunious Life.” Mike loves books that he can learn from, so he came up with this contest, If you enter, you get an automatic spotlight on the Spotlight on Authors page of his site. A link to your website or blog and a link to your purchase page on Amazon is automatically put in the spotlight. There is a blurb about your spotlight on his blog that is set up to go to over 100 sites, blog directories, feed directories and web 2.0 sites. You are also entered to win a free video book review. Check it out at and you won’t be sorry.

Dream Bigger

This is a contest held by Julie Wise to launch her book, Dream Bigger.  She has a spotlight on Mike’s blog. In this contest, Julie wants you to either make a video about your “dream” or write about it. She believes that her book can help make your dream come true. She has made an investment to prove it. You will have a video about your dream and your book on her site and that you can use on You Tube, other video sites, and your site or blog. There are also prizes worth over $3600.00. Go to to find out all about it. What have you got to lose? This contest is for everyone not just for authors, so tell your business friends.

These are the types of contests that are win win. As I find more like these, I will let you know.

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