Find Contests to Promote Your Book Online

Authors can find contests online to promote their books at no cost. Business people can do the same.  This blog is about why this is a productive way to get your name out in cyberspace with little effort.

I think one of the ways to get your name and book noticed is to make your presence known. You can sit back and hope that a reader finds you or you can make a presence online. You can do this by getting links to your website or blogs, you can have profiles on Linked in, Facecbook Goodreads, Authors Den, Shelfari, and more. You can write articles for Ezines, free press releases. You can have your book reviewed. You can make a video book trailer or have a video book review, you can go on a virtual book tour, and you can enter contests. Believe it or not, all the above are available to you at little or no cost.

On linked in, some one in one of the author groups was complaining that readers go from contest to contest looking for free books. She wanted to know if people actually ever buy the books.   I think that the purpose of the contests should not be to sell the book. The purpose should be to get the author and his/her book known.  If they win the book, maybe they will like it so much, that they tell their friends about it and they buy it.

Contests are always free. Authors have contests to get traffic to their websites where their books get exposure along with the authors who enter the contests. They usually want you to buy their book, but they must have an alternative because that is the law. So they have you do some things to benefit their books.

If you pick your contests carefully you not only will be eligible to win a great prize but you can get a presence on a website with a link to your site. This makes the search engines love you. That is what is called getting a credible back-link. You can Facebook, twitter, linked-in and talk up the contest and your place on it in groups getting your name and book out in cyberspace where it belongs.

Here are two examples of contests that can make this happen for you. In both contests, you will have a presence on a website that you can talk up. There will be links to your website. These are win win propositions.  In my next blog I will tell you about two exciting contests.

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