Five Ways to Promote Your Book on Amazon: Day3- Author Page

Before we start,  Todd Forseca fixed his link to the Tag My Listmania page.  Scroll down to the comment box.  Write a comment with links to no more than 3 Listmania Lists.  Tag the links in the comments that are already there.


Unless you are really knowledgeable about marketing your book, you might not know how many valuable free opportunities that Amazon affords authors. Every author should have a unique “Authors Page.” It is a way for potential readers to learn more about you and to connect with you as a person. You can use Amazon’s many tools to make the page work for you.

The first step  to create your unique authors page by clicking: and register. You have to have a book on Amazon to be eligible for a page. If you don’t have your book on Amazon, contact me at and we can do this for you for a small fee.  Putting your book on Kindle, IPad, Kobo, Sony, and Barnes and Noble, and Diesel through Smashwords is part of our monthly package.  Click here for more information, services.

After you sign up, do the following things:

  1. Create a biography on your Authors Profile. You probably have a biography already written. Just copy and paste. You also should upload a photo of yourself. You want to make this as personal as possible.  It is very important to have both the biography and the photo. You are now allowed to have  up to eight photos.
  2. Click on the “book” tab on the menu above an make sure all your books are listed. Please make sure all versions of your book are loaded here. For instance, if you have a hardcover version and a paperback version, make sure both appear here. Simply click the yellow “add more books” button to upload any and all of your works.
  3. Amazon allows you to upload one video at a time.  You can upload a video interview, video book trailer, or video book review.  You must upload an actual video; they won’t accept a link. If you don’t have a video and want one, Assisting Authors Online can create one for you at a reasonable fee.
  4. Another crucial step is to link your blog with your Authors Page. If you have a blog, personal or professional, Amazon allows you to link it to your Author’s page. Once your author’s page has been activated you will be able to add an RSS feed here. Simply follow the instructions under that “Blog” tab once your account has been activated. Your blog posts will appear on your Author Page in just a few hours and subsequent posts you make to your blog will automatically appear on the Author Page. If you are not yet blogging, you can either start a new one using any of the free blogging platforms (such as Blogger or WordPress) or use Amazon’s simple blogging tools. To access these tools, click on “Create New Post”.   Assisting Authors Online can seamlessly add a blog to your current website. New posts will appear on your Author Page within an hour.   This is an extremely important step.
  5. Click on the “Event Tab”. This helps to spread the word about upcoming events for your book. Please post any and all events pertaining to your book here for they will not only show up on Amazon but on their partner site,,  as well.
  6. There is also a tab to view your sales  by geography,  by the week, and by Amazon Rank.

Here is an example of a well optimized Author’s Page for Wayne Farquhar, author of Blood Over Badge. Since I just put the page up for Wayne, the video and the blog won’t appear until  tomorrow.  Please feel free to use it as a model,

My next posting in the series will be about Amazon Groups.  Stay Tuned.


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