2011 Sharp Writ Awards Accepting Submissions

This invitation appeared on Linked in and I want to share a part of it with you.

On behalf of the Smart Book Lovers, I want you to know that submissions are being accepted for the 2011 Sharp Writ Book Awards. Organized by the Smart Book Lovers, the Sharp Writ Book Awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in writing.  Smart Book Lovers is a non-profit organization for people with high intellect and a passion for books.  Our membership is global and currently at 1200.

Printed  and eBooks are eligible and must be in English, published in 2008 or later. and have a valid ISBN (not required for digital books published on Kindle).

We are accepting nominations in the following catagories:

  • Fiction, adult (including poetry)
  • Non-Fiction, adult
  • Memoir/Auto-biography, adult
  • Children, all genres
  • Young Adult, all genres
Winners will be announced in mid-January via an innovative video award ceremony.
In addition to the prestige that comes from being recognized by book lovers with sharp intellect,  this is an excellent marketing opportunity as well because our members are avid readers.  The winning books will remain on our home page  for three months for free. (The advertisement can continue beyond three months for a nominal fee.)
You can find more information and download the nomination form at http://www.book-awards.org.
Feel free to email me for more information or any questions,
Ann Coghill
Coordinator, 2011 Sharp Writ Book Awards





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