Three Reasons Authors Should Have A Blog

I am a firm believer that all authors should have a blog.  I could write an ebook on the reasons and maybe I will someday, but today I will talk about the three very best reasons I feel you as an author  should have a blog.

  1. A blog is a great way to connect with your readers and other authors.
  2. A blog is a wonderful place to  showcase your books.
  3. A blog can be a terrific marketing tool

A Blog is  a way to connect with readers and other authors
This is a way for you to show who you are to a prospective audience.  Blogs generate excitement.  If people  get excited about your ideas they will get excite about your books.  It is a way to interact with your audience.  Check out blogs of authors who write in your genre.  Comment on their blogs and invite them to be a guest on your blog.  It will expose your books to their audiences.  If you are a non-fiction writer a blog is essential.  It can help make your audience look at you as an expert in your field.  Another way to generate an audience is to be a host for a virtual book tour.   The virtual book tour cafe is always looking for guest hosts in multiple genres.  To get exposure for you and your books is important and a blog will do this for you.

A blog is a wonderful place to showcase your books.
You can put pictures of your books  on the sidebar of your blog (I love WordPress blogs for this reason).  A really great way to showcase your books is to become an Amazon Associate.  You can get widgets of your  book covers that link directly to your Amazon book page.  We  have Amazon widget slideshow on the right sidebar of this blog.  It is way for us to showcase our clients and their books.   If you use book covers have them link to the pages where a reader can purchase your book.

A blog can be a terrific marketing tool
I use this blog as a marketing tool for Assisting Authors Online and for our clients.  If one of our authors has a contest on their site or a video book review, etc.  I always blog about it.  When I update this post it will go to many different sites.  For instance it goes to Linked in, Twitter, and our Facebook Fan Page to name a few.  It also is registered with many other social networks as well as blog directories.  A good tool for this is called Only Wire.  They will automatically send updates to about 35 social networks.  It is tedious to set up.  First you need a plug in for your WordPress blog and then you need to register for all the networks.  Once it is set up, it runs automatically.

Another important tip is to make sure you have a “Like” button for each post.  This will automatically put a link on your Facebook author page (fan page).  Having links to your blog or website helps enormously with your Google rankings.   Notice we have a “Like” button for our posts.

If you like the tips in this post or have any questions, please comment.  Also don’t forget to click our “Like” button.  If you have a blog or when you have one, please leave the address in a comment and I will be sure to visit and leave a comment for you.

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