How to Add Videos to Facebook.

As promised today, I will show you how to add a video to Facebook.


News Feed: This is your regular Facebook page, not your business or fan pages.

  1. You can record a video using your webcam or you can upload a video from your computer.
  2. Choose Upload a Video from Your Computer. You should have your videos in a folder so
    you can find them.
  3. Select a video to upload.
  4. Write something about the video and lick on “Shark”


Facebook Fan or Business Page

I think it is very important for an author to have Face Book Fan Pages.  I will go into this in detail in another blog posting.   I also thing that an author should have videos in two places.   Fan pages for authors should consist of three pages minimum.  The wall on whichyou can make announcements about  events such as contests and book signings.  This is also the place where fans can comment on your book or other comments, etc.  Then there should be a landing page or Welcome Page where you make an offer of a free ebook or free chapters.  You should also give some personal information, testimonials for the book, a video book review or trailer. Then you would have a Video Page where you can put videos for your other books or other types of videos like interviews, or content related to your book in someway.  You could have other pages as well for instance a book page with all your books with links to their Amazon purchase pages.

Here are the directions to sign up for a Facebook Fan Page:

Joanna Barnes has a free templates for you to choose from to create your Welcome Page.  You can easily adapt it for your book.  I would personally take Template 3 because it includes  a spot for video and an optin form as well.  This way you can build an email list and send information to your fans about events, new books, etc.   The templates will also hide it all from your fans until they “Like” your page.  When you are done with the template form click on  “Install” and give the information that you received from Facebook when you signed up for your page.

Here is the link to the templates

Here is the “Like” code they are asking for:  Just fill in the first form to go with your page and click on  “Get Code”  then copy the code and put it in the box on the template page.  Make sure you choose I Frames  for the version.

If all this seems overwhelming, Assisting Authors Online will create pages for you at a reasonable cost


This next blog posting will be How to Add Videos to YouTube and Linkedin.

I am very excited that we just finished and uploaded our project ( for Diane Griffin’s book: Safe Text- Protecting Your Teen from the Dangers of Texting. You can purchase it on Amazon for only $6.99.  The book is for parents and the project is for the kids and their teachers, home schooling parents, school libraries, and online parental organizations.  Check out the project (Webquest)  here: I would love to know what you think of it.  If you want to see another click on the Webquest button above on the navbar.

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