Why Should You Use a Blog Directory?

Another way to get your blog noticed on Google is through Blog directories.  Links to your blog is an important goal to get your blog ranked on Google. Seeded Buzz is one way to get these links and blog directories are another.   However, you don’t want just any links,  they should come from websites have relevant content for your blog.  Blog directories are a way to accomplish this.

When you submit your blog to a blog directory they will often ask for the url to your rss feed.  To get this address, click on your rss subscription button. Take the url from the page it links to.  If this confuses you let me know.

Here are a few of the top blogs.

Best of the Web Blogs

This is a very selective blog directory.  If it accepts your blog, you have it made.


This directory has very good categories and sub categories.


OnTopList has multiple ways to promote your blog including rss feeds.  It has many bloggers for networking.

Blog Universe

Here you can promote videos and podcasts.


This is easy to use with lots of opportunity to promote your blog.

Blog directories can be a way to get a lot of free promotion.  They also a perfect place to network, and to find quality content for your blogs.  It doesn’t take much time to submit your blog.  Often the directories will want you to put a reciprocal link on your blog page.  Usually the links are small and unassuming.  I hope you start with the blogs described above and then search  on Google for more directories.

Need help?  Let me know.

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