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As some of you know, I spend a lot of time surfing the web, trying to find the latest free tools that will help authors  promote their books.  Once in a while I find a tool that is too good not to talk about.   BlogEnergizer is such a tool and it has a free subscription and a paid subscription.  I hate to talk about any promotional tool that costs money because I am worried that authors will think I have an ulterior motive like getting a piece of  the cost.  I do not make any money other than the services I provide to authors who hire our company to promote their books.  My blog and this website is entirely free to any authors who wish to use it.    There is not a hidden agenda here.  With that said, lets talk about BlogEnergizer.

Now that I have hopefully convinced you that authors should blog, I found a handy tool that will help you keep your content fresh. It is a website: There are two ways to go, free or premium which costs $20.00 per month. I am thinking I will use up the free stuff and then join the premium.

The free option has a download section which could help with promoting your blog.

  • It has short ebooks a Planning Calendar and a Blogging Planner.
  • It has Buzz Topics that can help with content and methods to think outside the box.
  • It  has advice on how to get traffic to your blog.

The next section is called Freebies.

  • It has contest and activity ideas.
  • It has coupons and discounts to use on your blog.
  • It has list of giveaways you can use, ads for guest bloggers to get your name out there, and radio shows etc. that are looking for specific things from bloggers for interviews and other media oriented activities.

The paid subscription has more to offer:

  • 3o days of blog topics in three major topic areas each month that you can also re-work for your blogging topics.
  • Real Time Hot Button Topics Indicator so you can get some of the buzz the market is already excited about
  • Additional Quick & Easy Topic Starters that give you creative ideas to quickly churn out posts your blog readers are going to love.
  • 101 Sensational Blog Titles that will get people to click on your posts and most will work in any marke
  • Sources to find relevant freebies to give to your readers like coupons, downloadable reports, audios, swag boxes, samples and more
  • Connect with experts and business owners who want to write and be interviewed on blogs just like yours
  • Get your own promotional reports, coupons and other goodies out to other bloggers who are always thirsty for new things to blog about.

Either way you decide to use BlogEnergizer, it will help you become more confident in your blogging and widen your network so you get more and more exposure.

My next posting will start a series on video.  Video is a very important tool for authors.  There are different ways for authors to use it.  I will be showing you video examples to illustrate the different ways.

Until then my friends enjoy, BlogEnergizer,


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