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I decided to finish this series on blogging with  tips I found on an interesting blog site  called Singin through the Rain by  Kathryn.  Although her blog is not specifically for authors,  she has a lot of very good tips that apply to all kinds of blogs and bloggers.  I decided to use her tips and add ideas that would apply to authors.  This will take several posts to cover because there is  a lot of information.  Today I am going to concentrate on two important tips.

How to Get More Followers

1. Comment on other authors blogs: Go to other authors blogs and find out what they are blogging about.  You will probably learn some things, find some promotional opportunities to promote your book, meet other authors  to network with and if you comment you may get the blog readers to check out your blog  and become followers if they like your content.

2. Follow other authors blogs: Blogging takes time, and part of that time goes into reading other people’s blogs and commenting on the ideas, writing information. book promotion tips, etc. that they write about. The more you read and keep up with other people’s blogs the more likely they are to come back and get to know you and read about you.

Here are some of the blogs I follow:

  1. by Joanna Penn.  Joanna is an author with a lot of knowledge about book promotion.  We are modeling our new book promotion services on her Author Platform Blueprint.   You can get the blueprint for fr ee  and can  follow it on your own.  Our version  is very comprehensive and we do most the work for our clients.  Joanna has a wealth of knowledge on her blog and lots of followers. It is a good place to ask questions and to start commenting.
  2. BK Walker is the author’s friend.  This blog is  just one of many sites she has.   She runs a very affordable virtual book tour which you can find at .  The tour includes a great press release.  The Walker Muse blog is just one of the stops on the virtual tour.  She also has promotions and giveaways for authors and she does free book reviews on  Many of our authors participated in the tour and reviews and got some fantastic exposure.  The tour is a lot of work for authors and we manage it for our clients.

3. Sylvia’s blog is called Authors Helping Authors.  Here you can find promotions for books and tips for authors.  You can reach the blog by clicking on the link from the main site.  Not only does Sylvia have a blog, but also a virtual TV show called The Chick Lit Show. The title is deceiving because it is for all genres and all authors, male or female.  The Chicklit Show is specifically for authors to show case their work.  You can make a video interview and send it to Sylvia.  If you are video shy (get over it), their are other methods also. You can find The Chick Lit Show on the main site also.  Sylvia also has her own group on Linked in.
It is called Authors Helping Authors with Author, Sylvia Massara. You can ask questions or leave comments on discussions or start your own discussion.  If you haven’t joined Linked in yet, I suggest you do so asap.

4. Networked Blogs on Facebook.  This is a Facebook application that allows Facebook to upload your blog to your profile wall.  Just put Networked Blog in the search box and follow the instructions to add your blog.  You can ad a box on your blog where people can follow your blog  on Facebook.    Also you can follow other blogs that interest you and comment on them.

If you like this blog tip and want more, sign up for our Book Marketing Newsletter on Assisting Authors Online Welcome Page on Facebook or on our blog at on the sidebar.   These series will continue with our newsletter and in more blog posts.  The newsletter will be out very soon.

More blogs to look at:

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