Before You Publish Your Blog?

I decided to put the following on Assisting Authors Online Blog because they are excellent tips. Denise Wakeman is one of the Guru’s online who actually gives useful information as well as free promotional opportunities on her blog. I hope this helps you with your blog.

Denise Wakeman  came up with this 13 point list of things to do before you publish your blog.

__ Is the topic clear to someone who only reads the headline?

__ Does the lead paragraph tell who and what the story is about and why the reader should care about it?

__ Is the angle you’ve used likely to seem newsworthy?

__ Would someone who knows absolutely nothing about this topic understand this post?

__ Is the post free of jargon?

__ Have you peppered the headline and the post with keywords and phrases that will be attractive to search engines?

__ Did you ask your readers a question at the end, or something to stimulate readers to comment?

__ Did you write with the reader in mind, always keeping in mind WIIFT? (What’s In It For Them?)

__ Did you add an image or video that helps tell the story?

__ Did you add a Call to Action at the end of the post? What do you want your reader to do next?

__ Have you included links to related posts (internal) and related sources (external)?

__ Did you assign the post to the right category and add 3-5 tags?

__ Is the post easy to read – is it scanable (short sentences, short paragraphs, plenty of white space)?

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