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As you have probably noticed,  I haven’t been blogging lately.  My husbands daughter has been very ill and passed away very recently. Needless to say, my thoughts were with her and my husband during this difficult time.  Now I feel that continuing with this blog at this time will help me take my mind off of our troubles for a little while so I am back at it.  I would like to continue with the topic of Facebook Author Pages.

In my last blog post about this topic, I wrote about the importance of having a Facebook Author Page that was more than a wall.  The first thing an author should have besides an attractive sidebar is a Welcome Page.  Right now David and I are working on Welcome Author Pages for our Book Launch Clients.  I would like to use one of  these pages as an example of what they should be and what they can do for an author and a book. The first  image is part of the Welcome Page,  When people visit the page for the first time, they land on  this page.  You can see that the book cover is in a prominent place.  There are two calls to action.  The first one is above right and asks the visitor to like the page.  The second is asking the visitor to buy the book.  You can see a video.  They have several videos that demonstrate recipes, but this one is an introduction to that series.  Under the video is an intro to the contest and the blog postings fed from the authors’ website.  You can have a twitter feed if you want instead or on the Reveal Page.

Our book launch clients have contests runnin g until the day of their Book Launches on Amazon.  These contests help them get the word out about their books and their launches.  For instance if a person likes the Facebook Page, they get entries to the contest and there are several other ways to get entries as well.    The page is constructed with a view for non-fans that tell them to “Like”  the page and find out how they can get entries to win some wonderful prizes which are listed on the Welcome page.  Once they “Like “the page, a new view is revealed with the Contest form which lists numerous ways those interested can get more entries and keeps a record that the entrant has done the tasks.   All the tasks help get the word out about the book. On the right is a view of the contest form.  It lists the category of the task and how many entries a person gets if he/she completes the task.  If they buy the book, they get 25 entries to the contest.  The only task that must be completed to enter the contest is the first one which asks the entrant to visit the author’s website.  You can tell it is required because the entry button is in green.  If you go to the page and like it, you can look over the entry form.  You will see that the tasks will help promote the book.

The Welcome page can contain other items as well such as the book cover, a video, an email opt-in form for a news letter or give-away.  The Welcome page draws interest to your Page.  Our Welcome Page  at has an opt-in form for our newsletter and free e-book that goes with it.  The Facebook  Welcome Page can be set to be the first page a visitor lands on and that it why it is sometimes know as a landing page.  Now all that sounds complicatedI know, but on the next post, I will tell you how you can make this happen very easily.  Yes we can do it for you, but I am going to reveal a way to do it yourself  and with no cost.  So stay tuned.

In the meantime have a wonderful Holiday with your families.

Janis  Friesler and David Schultz

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