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On my Facebook page, there will be a video that explains how to  put a video on  your Linkedin profile as soon as David puts it up.

Sorry this took so long to put together, but I want to help you create videos as easily as possible.   This is a series within a series, because I will discuss Book Trailers, Video Interviews, and Video Book Reviews in separate postings.  All three types have some things in common, so we will start with research.

To make your book trailer fun and interesting, you will need a variety of media including still images saved as a jpg, video clips, and music. You can also do voice overs but we will get to that in our discussion of video book reviews in another post.  Today I am giving you a homework assignment to start organizing your your media.

Before doing that, you are going to need to think about your book, the time period, the mood of the book, whatever scenes stand out that you might want to reveal in the book trailer to peak the interest of you readers.  For instance, when I did the video for Jacob’s Courage by Charles Weinblatt, I had to think about the Holocaust, the time period WWII, the different settings of the book, Salzburg, concentration camps, Palestine and give an overview of what happened in each place without spoiling the story.  The music needed to be somber and I needed a mixture of video clips and images.  Here is the video to give you an idea of what I am trying to get at:


Below are a list of links to sites that have public domain images, video clips, and music. Your assignment should you wish to accept is to brainstorm what you may want to tell your story by way of images, video clips and music. Collect the sources by downloading them and putting them in a file. If you need help with that, leave a comment and I will respond asap.



Public Domain Video Clips

The New York Times Will Share Video Clips with the Public video 


Public Domain Music:

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