Market Your Book on Amazon – Day 6 – More Ideas

Just when I thought I was done with Amazon and was going to work on blogging I found more ideas that you can use to market your books on Amazon  besides the techniques listed in the first five posts of the series.

Listmania:  When you make Listmania Lists, drop a note to the authors you included and let them know that you included them on your list.  This could make a new connection.

Reviews: When you read a book, put a review on Amazon.  The use a signature that is promotional in nature.  ie.   Reviewed by Wayne Farquhar,  author of Blood Over Badge.

Authors Page: Even if you have your own blog, it wouldn’t hurt for you to write on the blog given to you on your authors pages a couple times a week.  Relate current events, or book signings, or what you are doing.  Also mention other authors books and link to their book page and ask them to pass the word about your book with the url to your blog.

Book Page: You can add other images related to your book.  Look underneath your book cover their is a link to adding your own customer images.  If someone writes a review for you thank them, follow them on social networks and get to know them.  Invite them to trade links with you.  If someone reviews your book, it may show up on their profile page.  The more exposure the better.

Source:  Carolyn Howard- Johnson, author of the Frugal Book Promoter

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