Planning Your Book Trailer Video

It is good to have a plan for your book trailer.  I had you find some of your resources first, because that can help you find ideas for your video.  I purchased Recipe for A Book Trailer by Sondi Miller( Kindle Edition is only $0.99) and found the resources for the video listed in the previous blog, Helping Authors Create Videos. Here are more ideas that Sondi used in her book that may help:

  1. Pick out one of your favorite scenes in the book and outline it for the movie.
  2. Pick out several lines of conversation through out the book that give a hint of the books story
  3. Focus on a lead character and tell her beginning story in the book. (how she got in to the predicament in the first place.)
  4. Leave out the minor characters focusing on the main characters
  5. Take your 50-words-or-less blurb and produce that into a film concentrating on the major plot points.
  6. Highlight several scenes throughout the book that are short.
  7. Do not give away the ending.

Assisting Authors Online creates video book trailers, video book reviews, and edit video interviews for our clients.  For that reason, I am always looking for ideas. I purchased,The Movie Trailer Manual by Darcy Patterson from her website for $24.95.   This book has a wealth of information.   I especially like the 14 specific ideas she presents.  Included in the ideas are 8 ideas for videos for the same book.  
You could have your own Channel on You Tube just for your book and all the videos that go with it.  Here is the link to Darcy’s You Tube Channel, I would really recommend that you subscribe:


On Darcy’s website are some ideas that she proposes:

3 Categories of Book Trailers: The Aesthetics of Trailers

  1. Movie Trailer Aesthetic. Book trailers that imitate movie trailers has been one of the Holy Grails for those who create book trailers. These slick productions are usually created by the publisher and a few authors with big budgets. They are indeed lovely to look at, and if done well, the script pulls in readers. No doubt they will continue to be popular.
    Aesthetics: Slick, professional production on all fronts.
  2. Slideshow Aesthetics. On the opposite end of the budget scale is the slideshow book trailer. These are usually author created and feature a combination of static text and static images. These are likely to endure, too, because they don’t require a big layout of funds.
    Aesthetics: Create the right mood with music, text and images.
  3. YouTube Aesthetics. For book trailers–like any other video–that are mainly used online on sites such as YouTube, there’s a more informal aesthetic. YouTube thrives on humor, immediacy, and authenticity. Creativity matter more here than pristine audio or video. Short videos that allow for easy sharing, remixing, and as the basis for a spoof or parody are perfect for this irreverent media.
    Aesthetics: Creativity and authenticity.

She has more for you on her website, .  While you are there,  I think you should buy the ebook.  The price is right for all the information provided and you will get your money’s worth.   Best of all you can download it right away.  It also comes with two bonus PDFs.

I hope all of the above has given you ideas for your first (and not last, I hope) video.  Jot down the ideas that come to you.The next step is story boarding your plan.  That will be the subject of  my next posting.  After that we will create the video step-by-step.  I have a surprise for you.  I am giving away an e-book that will help you with your video for all our subscribers who have “Liked” our Facebook page  It will be up by July 1, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and “Like” our page before then.

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