3 Ways to Produce a Video – Fiction and More

This is the final post in this series. I suggest that you review the other posts before or as you read this one.


  1. Ideas
  2. Video Camera or Web Cam
  3. Video Clips
  4. Movie Maker, PowerDirector, Camtasia or other video editor
  5. PowerPoint
  6. Images
  7. Music or voice over



What Kind of Video do you want to make? Here is a short review of types of videos that would work for fiction books:

  1.  Your book’s blurb divide it into a video
  2.  Favorite Scenes of the book
  3. Pick out several conversations in the book that hint at the  book’s story.
  4. Focus on a lead character at the start of the book showing how she/he got in some trouble which leads to the rest of the book.
  5. Spotlight short scenes in the book
  6. Author Interview see previous blog post.
  7.  Make a video to focus on your target audience make connections to the book to their lives.
  8. Make a video book review for an author friend and ask him or her to do the same for your book.


  1. Book Trailer Manual  by Darcy Pattison
  2. Recipe for a Book Trailer by Sondi Miller
  3. Create Your First Book Video by Brad Smith
  4. How to Make Book Videos by Michelle Pillow
  5. The Home Video Review of Books –  samples of video book reviews
I hope this series helped you with your book video.  Please send me the link to your video to put on the Videos We Love page when it is complete.  Also we will send your video to about 25 video sites for $27.00.   If you don’t have the time to create your own videos, we produce videos and video book reviews.   Contact me at janis@assistingauthors.com for more information.





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