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Today,  I am going to continue our discussion of  blogging in a unique way.  I going to demonstrate two tools that along with social network feeds and blog directories can help you blog become viral.

The first tool, Seeded Buzz gives more than one way to promote your blog. There are three ways to use this site:

The first way is “buzzing” about a blog post.  Every week I get a list of posts that the site team determined I might have an opinion about.  That is the seed as explained by the Seeded Buzz Team:

“Planting is a Seed is you telling other bloggers about your blog post and inviting them to continue the conversation on their blog and link back to you.The better the Seed conversation and the more extendable / debatable it is, the more other bloggers will Buzz about it on their blogs and link to you. That’s why suggesting ideas on how a Seed conversation could be developed is a good idea.”

The seed I chose to continue the conversation about was presented to me in an email  linked to the Seeded Buzz site as follows:

Losing your audience! 5 steps to lose your readers!

“As a blogger, I love getting traffic and readers checking out my blog. I takes time and effort to build your audience base and keep them. At the end of the day the more traffic and the more commenters means that our respective blogs will eventually rank better and of course make more money! I read everywhere blog posts on getting traffic and keeping them. In this post however I want to talk about points on losing your traffic or not getting anyway so you can avoid these pitfalls!………Enjoy!”

The discussion continues on the actual blog which is on this website:

I selected this blog because I am concerned about the lack of comments on my postings even though I am working very hard to give my readers quality information.  So I go to  the website and read  the rest of the article.  I post a a discussion about this article on my blog.  My discussion is about how the article can help me with my problem.    Then I link to this post from my blog which gives the author a back-link helping  his Google ranking.  I also am very happy to have found this site because he seems to have information that  could help me help you. The name  of the site is Internet Marketing 101. The author is Phillip Dews.

My commenting on his posting and drawing attention to his blog and his site is the Buzz this post is generating. Now when others Buzz about his post, they are required to not only link to the original blog, but also  sites that  Buzz about it.  Here is a blog that Buzzed this article also:   That is how I will get links and traffic to our site.

The second  method of helping your blog  is getting the authors to guest blog on your site.

  • Find Seeds you would like another blogger to write about.  Approach the blogger and as him/her through the online messaging  system.
  • Invite him/her to guest post on your blog.  Introduce him/her on your blog and link to his/her blog.
  • Then buzz about his blog and link to your site on Seed Buzz.  Another link for you.

Another way to introduce your work to readers of other blogs, and get yourself valuable back-links to your blog, write a Guest Post for another blogger.  Seeded Buzz makes this an easy by allowing you to view Seeds that invite  elaboration from guest bloggers.  You can accept an invitation from the Blog to post and there you go.  The shoe is on the other foot.

If any of this is confusing go to, sign up and go through the tutorial.
If you have any questions please put them in a comment and I will respond promptly.

I promised to talk  about another tool.  This will be short.  The site is   It is like a vocal twitter.  You can make a short vocal message very easily.  You can put it on your blog as I did here or on  Facebook, or on most social networks.  Click on the recording below and hear the blurt I recorded for you.

You can blurt back if you wish!

Until  next time,

Janis Friesler
Assisting Authors Online

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