It Even Made Me Try the Recipes – A Book Review

Here is a review for the book, Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese.  Jennifer has been a professional journalist all her adult life. working mostly for national magazines, and has been an avid, adventurous home cook for even longer which she blogs about in Tipsy Baker. Jennifer also teaches cooking classes in Marin County, California, where she lives with her family.  I think you will enjoy the book.

I am not fond of cooking. The things that I make even bore me. This book is so original that it even made me try some of the recipes, successfully I might add. When Jennifer Reese lost her job, she decided to economize. She not only decided to make her own food, but to grow and raise it. She even has farm animals in her backyard.

The title of the book, “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter” nails the essence of the book. She did a noble experiment by testing what you should and shouldn’t cook from scratch. This will help the reader who wishes to emulate Jennifer’s cause. Each recipe comes with three categories of advice, Make it or Buy It, Hassle, and Cost Comparison. Here is an example from the book:


Bagel Chips:
Make it or buy it? Make it.
Hassle? Trivial
Cost Comparison: A 6-ounce bag of New York Style Bagel Chips (they contain both palm oil and sugar) costs $4.39. To make 6 ounces of chips from bagels you’d otherwise throw away: less than a dollar.

She has over 120 recipes that she prefaces with interesting tidbits and tips. I love Middle Eastern food, so I especially liked those recipes. The book is full of humor and is very enjoyable to read. The recipe steps are clear and easy to follow (even for me). I agree with a previous reviewer that pictures would add something to the book. I always like to see the finished product so I know if I am close when I make the recipe. Other than that I think this book is very original. I know I have never read anything quite like it.  You can purchase it on Amazon.

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