Spotlight on Jack Ranis and the Book of Labi by Ryan Collings

Assisting Authors Online  is a  host for online book tours from time to time.  If you are an author or a reader and have a blog, it is a good idea to host virtual book tours.  Doing so can bring traffic to your blog as well as back-links which will make Google happy.  It is another way of  promoting your name and your book as well as the author on the tour.  You can do interviews, have  a guest blog or spotlight the author like I am doing today.

Today we are spotlighting Ryan Collings and his debut  novel, the first in the  Jack Ranis series, Jack Ranis and the  Book of Labi.  Ryan live in Boise, Idaho with his two children Kaylee and Kasin, his dog, Stewie, his cat Rosebud, and the love of his life, Brooke.

Jack Ranis is a fifteen year old orphan who feels out of place in the only home he has ever known. Wh en an accident nearly takes his life, he discovers a stranger from his past that takes him into a world he never imagined, a world where a magical land holds all the answers to his life story and reveals his true destiny.

After many years of war, the land of Brighton is finally at peace, but it is a peace that was never meant to last. Following in the footsteps of his father, Jack, with the aid of his friends, will risk everything to destroy the Book of the Labi and save the lives of all those he holds dear.

You can learn more about Ryan and his book on his website,  You can purchase the book on Amazon.  There is a Kindle version.  I have also added it to our Facebook widget here on the right sidebar as a convenience, so you can purchase it right now.

The reviews have been great, here is one to give you and idea:

This is a fun and entertaining story! Perfect for teens and adults. I read it off my kindle and also bought the book for by teens! Had a hard time putting it down! Can’t wait for book 2!!”  JAI

Help Ryan out by commenting or asking questions about the book.

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