Video and Media Can Sell Your Book!

I received an email today from a very talented author, Charles Weinblatt. He wrote a wonderful book called Jacob’s Courage. It is a love story set in the Holocaust. Chuck wanted to get the people interested in his book, so he asked me to produce a book trailer video for him. Once it was produced, I put it on You Tube and Chuck’s site . He also put on more sites and one was Linked in. Today, I received an email from Chuck and I decided to reprint it here because it fits so well with this series of postings. Here it is:

” Here is just one example from LinkedIn, from a person who disagreed with something that I posted:

I just saw the video trailer for “Jacob’s Courage”. It is incredibly well done and very moving. Just bought your book from Amazon in a Kindle version. Love to have an autographed copy. Glad to pay for it next time you come to Israel.

See, people can have a disagreement and still respect each other’s talent.

Just so you know, the trailer sold me on the book far more than any review could. Touch people’s souls and hearts and you can do anything.
Posted by Hank Shrier

Our JC video trailer now has 1,008 visitors on You Tube alone. While that might sound tiny compared with some popular You Tube, it remains significant for a book, especially fiction. Trailers have become an accepted and integral part of book marketing. I’m delighted that ours is persuading readers to purchase the book ”

Of course this made me feel wonderful, but more than that it proves that the effort is worth it. You can find out more about the book at

Here is the video, I hope you like it and that it inspires you to produce a video as well by yourself or with Assisting Authors Online

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