Facebook Fan Pages for Authors, the Easy Way

If you are an author with not a lot of  knowledge about html or iframes, this post is for you.  There are two sites that I have found that can help you make a Facebook Author Page  at no cost.

Quick & Easy

Pagemodo’s easy, step-by-step process will guide you through  creating your Facebook page quickly and seamlessly. There’s nothing to download and no programming to do, so you don’t need to know how to use FBML or HTML. Just point and click, then publish instantly! Updates are just as simple.

Pagemodo:  essentially lets you pick a template that you like and then lets you edit it for your business.  Since your business is authoring, you would pick a template that will work for you.   The page builder guides you through the process. There is an introductory video.  There is a Frequently Asked Questions section with answers.  There is also a help section with a contact form.

Pricing:   For free pricing you get  one tab and one Facebook page.  There are three other plans that have a monthly fee but include more services such as a “like gate,” a like gate has a Welcome page and when the user clicks on like the page turns into another page with some kind of  offer.   You do not get that with the free plan.  The other plans are very reasonable, I think.  Check out the prices here:  http://www.pagemodo.com/pricing.



Lujure :   I found out about Lujure  because some people were

Lujure Page

discussing it  on Linked In or Social Media Examiner Clubs. I can’t remember which.  Then I went to a webnar about it.  I thought it was really easy to use.  It is very different than pagemodo.  Instead of templates, it gives you a basic form with the dimensions of a fan page that  you can add a bunch of different items to by just dragging them to the  form where you want them. You can drag images, email forms,  and  tab gates, etc.  It automatically installs your page into Facebook with one click.

Pricing : Lujure also has a free package. You get 1 tab and 1 package, but unlike Pagemodo, you get to use all the applications. The have two other price packages: https://lujure.com/plans.  See the video introduction at https://www.lujure.com/.

If you know anymore of these services, please comment below.

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  • FaceItPages is a great app. Check it out at http://www.faceitpages.com

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the support Janis! You made an incredibly smart move in joining Lujure and we’re thrilled to have you. 

  • Right now with Facebook changes,  I made a commitment to Lujure by joining their consultant package. This is going to save me a lot of time which is worth a lot to me.  Thanks for the comments.

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