Facebook Time Line: App Strip

Now that your Facebook Author Page Timeline cover is up (hopefully), it is time to work on the next section right under the cover called the Apps Strip. We will discuss the strip from left to right.

The first section  is called the About section. Not only is it a description, but here you can put a call to action to get fans to like your page.  To enter your About section, make sure your admin panel is up.  The admin panel is the section above your Timeline cover.  If you can’t see it, there is a button top right that is labeled Admin Panel.  Click on it.

  1.  Once it is up, click on  Manage on the upper right and edit page from the drop down menu.
  2.  The page back end should appear. There is a list of links on the left. 
  3.  Choose Basic information.  
  4. In the form that appears, half way down is a place that you can enter About information.
  5.  I suggest that you enter something like this:   “Please like my page to enter my contest for a  free eBook ,  “My title.”  Then go to the Welcome page to enter.”
    That statement is a call to action because you are asking them to do something ie. like your page.  You will  enhance that power by using the next section which is the icon that is labeled “Photos.” 
Change the Photos icon image:  You want to change the photo to a call to action  to reinforce your About section.   The problem is that the photos icon changes every time you add a new image  to a post.  You can keep a call to action button image  permanently. Like I have.  Here is how:
  1. Below the App strip in the next section is a place to put your first post. So pretend like you are going to post something.  Instead add a photo 111 px wide by 74 px tall.
  2. Your photo should be an illustration to a call for action.  There are many “like” images online.  You can search and find one you like or make your own.  Then size it to the dimensions 111/74.
  3. Once you have made your image put it in your post by choosing photo/video at the top of the post, then upload photo (you will have to find it on your computer and upload it).
  4. Refresh the page and the image should show up in the photos icon on the apps strip.
  5. Finally  hover over over the right corner of the post box.  You will see a star and a pencil.  Click on the pencil then on “hide from page.”  You can make new posts but keep images out of them.

Finish the Tabs:

The rest of the thumbnails on the app strip are called tabs.  The tabs link to other pages that make up your Authors Timeline.  If you notice our tabs, we have one to our Welcome page, Our blog and website, our # of likes.   The next one that I will set up is video book reviews for our clients books. You are allowed 12 tabs.  The tabs are also 111×74.   You can change the images in them as you did the photos.  This is done differently and you can change the names of the tabs as well:

Install the images in the tabs:

  1. Find an image that will show off the page you want to create.   Size it and save it.
  2. Notice to the right of the tabs is a small rectangle with a small arrow head pointing done. (red arrow is pointing there).  This will eventually have a number is in it showing how many tabs you have hidden below.
  3. Click on the the box and you will be given some choices,  You will also see the placeholders for tabs below that aren’t formatted as yet. You can see that I have a Pinterest Tab in the second row.
  4. The first thing it does is give you an option to switch squares with another tab.  For instance,  I want the photos next to my about statement because they are both call to actions.  I want my Welcome Tab first because I want people to like the page then go to my Welcome app to sign up for a free eBook.  After that,  I want my website and my   “Likes” graph tab because I have a significant amount of followers.  If I had fewer, I would probably swap with one of the icons below.
  5. The next option important to our needs is “edit settings.”  This is how we will change our image. When you click on edit settings, you will be allowed to change your image and the name of the tab.
  6. First click on image.  It will take you to another screen. Click on change and it will give you the option to upload your icon image. Then go back to the previous screen.  Type in a name for the tab and click on save.  The tab will have the new image and name.

I hope this tutorial helped you.  If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer promptly.  The next post will be links to sites that can help you make your apps (pages) to go with your tabs.  Creating the pages requires some knowledge of programming.  I am a great believer in not re-inventing the wheel.    Then we will finish our series with some tips on optimizing your author pages to attract more followers and hopefully more book sales.


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