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I  thought you should know why have not done a post lately. I have been learning  and practicing certain skills to add more to our services as well to my blog posts.   I have been learning and practicing skills in three areas, eBook formatting, Facebook’s New Timeline and app format, and Pinterest.

eBook Formatting

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I have a client who decided to use his publishers offer  to format his ebook and upload it to Amazon.  I went to look at it when it was up and it was a mess.  Chapters and pages ran into each  other, images weren’t centered, no table of contents or Kindle navigation system.  I decided to use my skill at formatting books and bring it up a notch.  Now I feel confident to be able to format  eBooks and upload them to Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Ipad, Smashwords with even better results and fair prices.

Facebook Timeline Author Pages

That isn’t the only thing I was up to on my educational adventure. David and I also studied how to use Facebook’s new Timeline and app format that goes into effect on Friday.  We have our pages almost completed and are working on a couple more so you can see samples.  I will let you know when they are ready to view. Whether you have us create a Facebook presence for you or you do it yourself, it is a very important tool for authors to use to promote their books.  So I will be giving you ideas in future posts.


Pinterest is another important site for authors to use to promote their books.  Pinterest is an exciting new site that uses images and videos to connect with people.  It is the fastest growing social media site ever.  There are so many clever ways to use it, I am going to present its features to you in my next post, but I have included an infographic here to give you a little taste of what it  is all about.  Please look this infographic over carefully.  This is the best tool I have found in a long time to get your book to your targeted audience and traffic to your blogs and websites.



Click below to see the inforgraphic in a larger size:
Why Pinterest is so Addictive

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