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I watched a video about a week ago  made by Jo Barnes, a wonderful Australian social media expert whose company, Social Media Academy, is a very valuable resource,  This video is the best one I found for people who want to have Facebook Apps but can’t afford to purchase them.  The previous post I wrote talks about companies who provide code free apps but at a cost.  I thought it would be worth your while to get this information.  Some of the video goes a bit quickly, so I thought I would highlight what you would be interested in.  However, the video is definitely worth watching.

Involver ( and related apps

Involver has free apps and  paid apps that are very easy to use.  You just click on “install app.”  It will ask you the web address  of your manage page and install it.  Remember to create a 111 by 74 px app button on your Timeline page and link it to the finished page.  if you don’t remember how, look at my previous post.

  • Twitter App:  This app will bring  your twitter feed right into Facebook.  Joanna makes the point that you just don’t want to have a separate page for your Twitter feed because it will be more engaging to also have the most interesting tweets on your wall.
  • She suggests going to and setting up Selective Tweets.  You select either your profile page or your Fan Page (author page) and put the url in the box.  Then when you write a tweet that you really like, put #fb  at the end of it and it will go to your wall.  You can’t do this automatically but it is more engaging than a bunch of tweets on a page. It is always better to manually add content to your wall.
  • RSS Feed:  If you have a blog, and by now I hope you know you should (See my post on why authors should blog),  every time you update a post, it will come into a Facebook page.   To find your RSS feed url, pretend you are a reader who wants to sign up for your feed and click on the sign up.  The url is in the address box.  Mine looks like this:  That is the url that you add to any feed reader you are using.
  • YouTube Channel App:  If you have a YouTube Channel, you can bring it right into your Facebook page.  Also there is a LiveStream app that you can use for events.  You get this on
  • Flicker App: Automatically stream your entire Flickr stream or just a subset to your Fan Page. The Flickr App adapts to changes on Facebook, so you don’t have to worry about modifying it.
  • There are more apps on the page but you will have to pay for them.

Blogs on Your Facebook Page

  • Networked Blogs: Go to Networked Blogs on Facebook. You sign up your blog and every time you update,  it will post it  your Facebook page.  It will also tell how many followers you have.
  • Another app that can bring your website or blog into Facebook is Vindi Apps  Zoom Frame:  I used this app on because sometimes the app cuts off part of the website and with Zoom Frame you can capture the whole thing.  In this case I wanted to get the whole animated slide show and this app allowed me to do that.  They have a tutorial that will help you install the app.
  • RSS Graffiti: You can feed your blog to a Facebook Page .

Fan of the Week:

  • You can use this app to select a Fan of the Week which will give you more interaction with your Fans.
  • Another is called where you can have a fan leader board another way to stimulate fan interaction with your page.  The more they interact the higher they will go on the leader board.  There is a free and paid element.
  • These apps used together raise a lot of possibilities.

Documents and Articles  This allows you to put documents or articles on your Page.  This is a good use for the notes page on Facebook.


In the video, Jo tbalks about e-commerce apps that you can use to set up for purchasing products.  I think that using  an app like Lujure or Vindi will work as well.  For instance, I have brought in the Amazon purchase page for my client’s book by using Lujure’s html app.  allows you one free app with the free membership and Vindi allows you three.    I brought in Diane Griffin’s author page where there were links to all three book pages so people could look at the pages right from Facebook.

Jo makes a strong suggestion that you use apps to  interact with your fans and encourage strong engagement.    If you have other app suggestions,  please leave them in a comment.   Next post will outline and review an effective Facebook Timeline Page for Authors.  Then we will move on to Pinterest as an exciting promotional tool for authors.  I am accepting links to your YouTube Videos through Wednesday for our Free I Love Fridays book promotion.  Leave them in a comment below.

Congratulations to Lee Black for winning a Kindle Fire and to Ellen Beck and Tiffany Hearn for winning a $50 Amazon gift certificate each in Diane Griffin’s Protect Your Teens Book Launch Contest.  Stay tuned, I have two more of these contests coming up.

Have A Great Week!



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