Annie Laurie Harris Book Launch: Win a Kindle Fire

Annie Laurie Harris is the oldest African America living with Cerebral Palsy.  She wrote her fascinating memoir, I’t Easier to Dance  as tribute to her mother who helped her accomplish so much.  The book depicts the highlights, turning points and crossroads of her life while living with a complex, disability. Cerebral palsy is a neurological birth defect that can impair the function of any part of the brain. In her case, her brilliant intellect exists concurrently with lack of muscle coordination and significant speech impairment as well as difficulty in swallowing and performing everyday tasks. Ms. Harris tells in detail of the struggle to learn to take care of herself, earn professional credentials, work in profit and non -profit organizations, and becoming a contributing member of her community.  She is also a devoted fan of Penn State’s football team.

Since my step-daughter, Tobi, recently passed away at the age of 43 with  a similar genetic disease,  I am familiar with the strength and determination it takes to move beyond the disabilities and achieve monumental goals.  She graduated college, worked as a social worker as long as she could.  She even lived in Israel and climbed Masada before she could no longer walk.    Like Annie, she always had a smile on her face and helped others overlooking her own limitations.

I admire Annie so much and I think you will too  when you read this book.  She is on a virtual book tour.  I have put the rest of her schedule below with a video book review.  I also added her contest form so you can enter to win a Kindle Fire.  Annie is such a generous person that she is giving half her royalties form each sale to a cerebral palsy charity.

 Annie and Tobi both can teach us a lot and give inspiration to others living with disabilities.  I think this book would be an amazing read for everyone including  kids with disabilities.  If you are a teacher,  I think  your students would be lucky to read this book as would us all.

Virtual Book Tour

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