List your Book in a Free Book Directory

List your Book in a Free Family Friendly Book Directory!

When I find free promotions that I  think are great, I like to pass them on to you.  This one has a free promotion and some reasonably priced promotions,  I hope you will take advantage of  this offer, I think it will be great publicity:

Here is a guest post from John Riddle, founder of  I Love to Write Day:

List your book FOR FREE in our “Family Friendly Book Directory”  As the author of 34 books, including a dozen children’s titles, I know how challenging it can be to promote books and find your audience. And as the Founder of I Love To Write Day, a grassroots campaign I launched in 2002 to have people of all ages practice writing every Nov. 15, I amalways looking for ways to let our supporters (over 4.2 million of them!) know about new books that are “family friendly.”

So, in honor of the 10th Anniversary of I Love To Write Day, I will be publishing the “Family Friendly Book Directory” and sending it to the 28,000 schools all across the U.S. that celebrate ILTWD every Nov. 15. I will ask the school librarian to share the directory with the students, teachers,administrators and parents. I will also send the directory to our ILTWD e-newsletter subscribers, and it will be posted on site.

If you have a “family friendly” book, it can be listed FOR FREE! A free listing includes: Name of book, author, price and Web address.

Paid Promotions Worth Looking At

You can have a paid ad that includes your book cover/graphic, and up to 5 lines of copy about the book. Price for the paid ad is only $59. If you have 2 or more books, the price is only $35 per book.

SPECIAL OFFER: I can also write an article about you and your book and submit it to a variety of publications, Websites and media outlets that feature authors and books. I have an extensive editorial contact list through my I Love To Write Day program. Price is only $150, and it includes a FREE paid ad (for as many books as you have!). Payments accepted via Pay Pal or check.

Contact if you want your book included in the directory.

Thank you.
John Riddle
I Love To Write Day

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