An Overview of Facebook’s Timeline Page and Apps

Joanne Barnes is a Facebook Guru and owner of  http://www.  She has a fantastic video explaining Facebook”s Administration Panel.  When you go through the video, you will be able to follow the steps in yesterday’s blog.  Be sure to put the video on full screen so you can see what she is talking about.  There is a lot to it, so I would set up each section that she explains before moving on to the next section.   If you have any questions or don’t understand something, please comment below so I can help.

For those of you who are overwhelmed by what I have posted so far, I have a special for May and June  to create your Facebook Book Timeline for Authors  for you. I also am feeling magnanimous and have a special on formatting and distributing eBooks as well.   I use a comprehensive process to format the eBooks.  They have linked table of contents, a navigational menu for Kindle, and can handle images.   Please email me for the details at


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