Use Pinterest to Attract Readers: Infographic

This is the last post in the Pinterest Series.  I must say I have really enjoyed writing this series especially creating all the boards to give concrete examples of what to do. The boards are all located on  They are:

  1. About Me
  2. Setting the Stage
  3.  Books I Love ( book covers of my clients. You can use book covers of your author friends)
  4. More Books to Love: ( This is a shared board. You can request and invitation to pin your book cover on that board
    Just put the request in a comment here or on Pinterest with your first and last name and your user name and I will
    send you an invitation. Pinterest will then let you know that you can pin to the  shared board.)
  5. Not Just Another Video:  This another shared board.  The purpose of the board is to give examples of different kinds of
    book videos ie. trailers, interviews, reviews, etc.  Again request an invitation.  You must have your video on YouTube,  Under the
    video is a share button.  Click on it and copy the URL.  You will put it in form just like you would a URL for an image.  Once it is on the board,
    describe the purpose of the video.  Edit the pin and put your site or Amazon page url in the link box.
  6. Testimonials:  The reason I put the images of the author and book cover on these pins is Pinterest is a visual medium.  No one wants to read testimonials on Pinterest.  I had to be creative to get this board to work.   I have the images, introduce the author, give a backlink, and then have parts of the testimonial.  These pins are linked to my Linked Profile page.  This board is going to be a surprise to my clients because none of my reviews were solicited.  I wanted to do something nice for people who went out of their way for me.  Also if I just put the images and the testimonials, it would be too much self promotion which I try to avoid.  I am always promoting but not usually myself!

Below is the first infographic I have ever created.  If you click on it, it will got to a different page.  Then click on it again and it will enlarge so you can read it more easily.  Please let me know in a comment what you think of it.  It is  a blueprint to guide you to success on Pinterest.

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