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This Pinterest Board is for Fiction Writers.  A setting board can set the scene for your book and capture readers attention. First think of a clever title for the board.   These are the images to  find for a  setting  and character board:

  1. Images of the physical setting of the book such as New York city, the ocean, the country side, etc.
  2. Fashion
  3. Food and recipes
  4. automobiles
  5. customs
  6. Architecture
  7. Find items that you wrote about in your book.
  8. Find images that remind you of your main character
You can also split character and setting into two boards.

Before I show you example boards,  I want to discuss the importance of Pinterest’s  Pin It Book Marklet. This will enable you to pin images you find while your searching the web.  If you like an image on a page you click the Pin It book marklet and it will take you to a window with all the images on the page and you can pin the image you want.  If you have a blog, you should also use the Pin It button for your site.  Here is the URL where you can get both buttons with instructions:

Now click here to come to my Pinterest Page and see the setting board I created just for you, and some other authors boards:

Shiloh Walker:

Look at her boards Character Inspiration and  Wreck this Life character/story board.

Marion M

Here is a comment she made about her board in response to a blog post:

“…I have dedicated an entire board to the series I am currently writing. All sorts of things are going on this board as it is a five-generational family saga. So when I find things that I think will come in handy I pin them to that board (Bridgewater Chronicles). These are things that I will use as reminders, examples of what I’m trying to describe from a given era, etc. By letting my readers/fans know I have a board dedicated to my writing, they are free to check it out and keep abreast of what’s new in my fictional worlds. Several readers have already made comments on what I’ve pinned and now follow me on Pinterest. Also, this is a great way to showcase your books.  Create a board and name it something like “Great Books” or “Must Read Books” and populate it with photos of your book covers.”

Please comment with the Pinterest address to your Character and setting board/boards to give other authors ideas for their boards.

Happy Pinning!

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