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In the previous post,  you learned about Pinterest, how to open an account, and how it works.  Here is another good guide to Pinterest:

If you haven’t opened an account yet do the following:

  1. Go to and ask for an invitation or email me at requesting an invitation and I will send you one.
  2. After you receive the invitation, go to Pinterest and sign up for an account.  There is plenty of help on Pinterest and the information in the previous post should help you as well.
  3.  Before you set up your first board and before you pin a single thing, click on the Everything feed (under the Pinterest logo) and just spend some time looking. This will help you to see what kinds of things people are pinning, what kinds of boards others have created, and just give you a general feel for what Pinterest is about.
  4. Now you should be ready for your first board: About The Author or About  Me.  Use any title that covers this topic, the cleverer the better. Here is the cover to my About Me board.  if you click on it, you will see all the pins on the board.   It is important that potential readers connect with you as a person. Pinterest help the readers learn about you.  Where did you come from?  What are your interests.  Introduce your family.  What do you like to read (not your books).   Why did you become a writer. Give them a window to your world.  Build a connection. Link the board to your website or blog or your Facebook Author Page.

Here are the steps to creating your first board:

  1. Prepare a folder on your computer.  Name it My Pinterest.   Open the folder and create another folder and name it, About the Author.
  2. Make sure you have a Pin It  button on your browser.  Here is how:  They have lots of suggestions for your blog, etc.
  3. Collect images:  You should have images from your life.  your hobbies, images of you reading, your family, pets etc.  You should also have images of you at book signings, virtual book tour schedule, your city, your university, etc.  Be sure the images are in .jpg format and put them in the folder called About the Author inside the My Pinterest folder.  You can also add video or audio interviews.  Click on this link to learn how to add the video interview.(Add Videos to Pinterest) .You do not have to have a special pinboard just for videos.  You can add them to any pinboard.  You should find an image for the audio interview on the site where the interview can be rebroadcast.
  4. Sites to get free images:  You will be constantly finding images to add to your boards.  You want to keep the board updated and fun.
  5.  Now start pinning the images on your About Me  pinboard.  Don’t worry about placement.  You can choose the cover image for the board but at this time you can’t arrange or rearrange the images on a board.  However, you can delete and image or move it to a different board.  Just click on edit when you hover on the image and it will ask you what you want to do.


Thanks to Cendrine Marrout for this valuable list.  For more information

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