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When I do a Book Launch for a client,  I always have a contest to perk interest.  Everyone loves a contest.    Preparing for a book launch is a lot of hard work.  Take a look at our Book Launch Package and see some of the work that is involved. Just click on service and you can download a brochure. The contest is the easiest part because quite by accident,  I found a company that runs contests for free.  Rafflecopter allows you to prepare a contest form and keeps track of the people who enter.  I have said I have two contests going right now for two books:  I Am I:  The In-dweller of your Heart by David Knight and  Our Mother’s Recipes by Dorene Sager and Armin Feldman.  The neat thing about these contest is readers can get extra entries to the contest by doing certain tasks.  These tasks help promote the books.  The contests culminate at the Book Launch where an entrant will get 25 entries if they buy the books in either paperback or Kindle form.  The prizes are worth it as a

At the end of this post I will put both forms and you can enter both of them if you wish.  The great thing is that this forms can go anywhere and the results go to Rafflecopter.  Right now I am promoting Rafflecopter because they are giving away an Apple IPad and a Kindle Fire.  I would love to win either one.  One of the tasks they have is to blog about this give-away.  Here I am blogging away.  If you would like to enter Rafflecopter’s give-away, go to and see how easy it is to fill out the form.  But first,  please enter our contests you could win a Kindle or Amazon gift certificates.  Authors, you could win a video book review or a Facebook Author page is you rather.

I Am I the In-Dweller of your Heart

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveawa

Our Mother’s Recipes

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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