Setup a WordPress Blog for the New Year

I wrote a  blog post several months ago about why authors should have a self hosted blog.  A self hosted blog is really a website with a blog on the home page.  It also lets you have your own url like The url is known as a domain name.  While reading emails I came across an infographic  that gives some basic information about getting started.  I thought this would give you the push to start your own blog.  I also listed the urls of blogs that David built for our clients.  None of the authors knew how to use WordPress before they had these blogs.  The are all doing their own blogging now.  I think you will get some great ideas from these blogs and  the infographic to start your blog for the New Year:

  • David Welch: (he has a Kindle Fire Contest until the end of the month
  • Meredith Cagen:
  • Diane  Griffin: htttp:// (Kindle Fire Contests until January 6.
  • Annie Laurie Harris: http://www.annielaurieharris,com
  • David Knight

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Self-Hosted WordPress Website
Like this infographic? Get more WordPress and hosting tips from Synthesis.

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