Twitter for Authors

I thought it would be interesting to write a series of posts on how Twitter can benefit author.  Let’s start with the practice of writing.  Did you know that there are authors who write Twitter Fiction?  Talk about being concise.  Here are some of the kinds of Twitter Fiction:

  1. Microfiction: An entire story told in one 14o character tweet:School was a prison for me. I was trapped with teachers who didn’t like me. Freedom finally came when I was fired from my job as principal.
  2. Twitterized: A longer story posted using multiple tweets.
  3. Character Tweeting: A story told in first person as if the characters are sending the Tweets. Sometimes multiple twitter accounts can be used for multiple characters
  4. 4. Links to longer content: Instead of providing the story directly in the Tweets, longer chunks of content are posted elsewhere and linked to in the Tweets.

Have a look at some of the this type of writing and then try your hand at it.

Then publish what you wrote in a comment here.  Our readers and I  would love to see what you come up with.

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