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I recently joined Twitter with the objective of promoting my book. One of the first things I learned is that twitter can be very addictive and that it is easy to lose sight of your objective in a mad race to add ‘followers.’ It soon occurred to me that used properly twitter can be very beneficial. However, I have the impression that many people on twitter forget their objective for being there and waste so much time that it is fair to say they are twittering and tweeting their lives away.

This essay it to express my ideas on how twitter can be used effectively and not be a waste of time. The first thing to understand is that getting followers is not really a worthwhile objective. At best it is the means to an end and you should always have that end clearly in mind. If you have a product, a service, or an idea you are promoting then use twitter to drive prospects to somewhere they can find more information about your product, service, or idea. Typically this will be a webpage or a blog. Another possibility is that you just want to make friends, to build a social network of like minded individuals you can enjoy life and share ideas with. In this case you should probably want to limit the number of followers and those you follow to a manageable level and again it makes more sense to share blogs or e-mail addresses with them to allow deeper and more meaningful conversations.

As stated above, my objective is to promote my book. If I had one million twitter followers and not one purchased my book then twitter would be a complete waste of time. So the question is how can I use twitter to sell my book?  Her are three ways I will use to accomplish my objective:

  1. First the link to my book and to my webpage is on my profile.
  2. Second, I try to build a network of twitter followers who are likely to have an interest in the topic of my book (politics) and who might be expected to help me spread the word about my book and/or to actually purchase my book. This means I build my followers by searching key words like politics, independent, libertarian, republican, democrat, etc. to identify members who might have an interest in my book. I then ‘follow’ them in the hope they will follow me.
  3. And every month or so I go through and eliminate everyone I am following who is not also following me since being a follower does not help me achieve my objective.
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