The Advantages for Authors of Book Give-Aways

You all know that I love to write series of posts on our blog.  This is the start of a new series.  If you think that giving away your book is counter productive, think again. There are a number of reasons authors have Give-Aways for their books.  In this new blog series I will discuss:

  • Why give away eBooks
  • Kindle Direct Publishing Select as a way to start
  • Preparing for A KDP Select Free book day/days.
  • Where to publicize your free book day/days

 Why eBooks?

When new authors publish a book, some think the most important thing is to sell the book.  This brings to mind that you can’t sell a book if no one knows about it or the author. It is necessary to establish a relationship with your audience. One way to get the word out is to give your book to readers for free.  I think eBooks are the way to go because they are free to download, You do not have to pay for a book printed on demand or postage.  Therefore, it is an opportunity for your book to reach a world wide audience.

It has been proven that readers who download free books, will often look for the author’s other books and purchase them. It is very important to give the first book in a series away to hook the readers into wanting to read the other books in a series. Many readers who like the eBook will purchase the print copy as well.

People are attracted to free books.  The more downloads you have the more people you reach.  They will spread the word about the book.

You will gain recognition and branding through publicizing your give-away on book sites and social media.  You can get people to talk about your book which creates buzz.  It will even attract reviews for your book that you can use to spread the wordby putting them up on your website. Facebook page, Linkedin profile, etc.

What Authors Who Give Away Books  Have to Say:

Authors that give away books have found that there sales have increased sometimes dramatically after the give-away period is over.  Here are a couple of things authors have said about their give-away experiences:

Lizzy Ford is a prolific author of paranormal, contemporary, and fantasy sweet romance; literary fiction; and fantasy fiction, most of which is suitable for Young Adult audiences.

“First, downloads of my free books range between 10,000-17,000 a month, whereas my initial sales were only 30-40 a month.  Do I want 10,000 people exposed to my book or 30?  You can read the rest of her post with statistical proof.” Click here to read the whole post:

David Wiley and  John Hilton interviewed 10 authors who have given their books away.  Below are some excerpts from John’s blog.  The link to the post is also below:

I think that openness has extended the long tail of my book. It may not have sold a large amount when it was first released, but it continues to sell well. I think part of that is the visibility that open licensing created and the good will it has created.” — Kembrew McLeod

“The number of people who tell me they would never have seen the book had it not been freely licensed is extraordinary.” –LawrenceLessig

Eric Von Hippel reported that sales of his book were double the publisher’s initial estimates. In addition to these sales, Von Hippel’s book was downloaded 90,000 times from his website.

“The number of people who wrote to me to tell me about how much they dug the ebook and so bought the paper book far exceeds the number of people who wrote to me and said, “Ha, ha, you hippie, I read your book for free and now I’m not gonna buy it.”” –Cory Doctorow

Please leaaves comments on your book give-away results!

Janis Fries;er
Assisting Authors Online


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