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I have not been active on my blog or Social Media for a while..  I have been very busy working on my  new services (getting books into libraries all around the country) and (making interactive books for IPad.).    That being said,  I am inviting you to learn a long with me by following my new series  about expanding your presence on Google +.  I have read articles recently on how important it is for people especially authors to become active on Google + for these reasons:

Search Engine Ranking

  1. If you send your blog posts to Google +  and your content is original or skewed differently than the original,  your post could go up in rank on Google Search.  Why?  Because Google owns Google+ and will give posts on Google + preference.
  2. If you post YouTube videos to go with your content ,  Google also owns YouTube so the same applies.  Make sure the video is original or if not, give credit.

Google Authorship

  1.  This something to aim for if you want to rise in the Google search engine ranks.  You can request Google Authoship after posting a lot of original content on Google+ and making sure that you have your name as the aiuthor with each post.
  2. If you are awarded Google+ Authorship, after increasing your visibility, researchers will start taking you seriously as a source and you will be credited for your knowlege and expertise.
  3. Google will put your image next to your posts to show that you have Google Authorship and researchers will take you seriously as a source,
  4. Naturally with this recognition, your posts will rank higher on Google search.

Google + Right Sidebar

  1. This is even better than Google Authorship.  If you post a lot of great original content often, then Google + may reference your posts on the right sidebar.
  2. Google’s search engine will then send searchers to the posts.

​Google + Ripples

  1. If you are a blogger which is very important for authors, you should want to know your reach. Google+ Ripple  If people are sharing your content, you are gaining visibility which is very important to an author.  I often buy books from aurthors who I know to be experts in their field.
  2. Google+ Ripples will allow you to see how visible you are as an author. It is a type of circle graph that will tell you how a particular post on Google+ is being shared.
  3. It will show you which of your followers share your posts the most.
  4. .Once you find out who shares your posts the most, you can invvolve them more closely in your activities to promote your books.  For instance book launches, give-aways, book signings, etc.

If you want to find out more ways to use Google +  read Jeff’ Bullas’s blog post at:

http://www.jeffbullas.com/201310/14/5-reasons-why-you-should-consider-google-plus marketing/

The next post in the series will help you plan your profile page on Google+ for  the best impact on users so they will follow you.


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