6 Free Book Promotion Opportunities

Now that you have decided to do a book give-away, it is time to get the word out. Thanks to Kindle Boards, I have found and tested sites where you can get free book promotions and/or reviews. So here are the links I have tested and find to be worthwhile::


Addicted to Books (http://addictedtoebooks.com/submission) :  This site is great because you can rate your book’s content for the reader so they know what they are getting.  Also  you will have your book on the front page of the site for one day and on subsequent pages after.   The requirements:

  1. You must register an account and you may list more than one book but only once.  Please read this requirement on the site because it is really important.
  2. You must have 5 reviews on Amazon to have the book accepted.
  3. No Erotic books, graphic content, or  you must have family friendly covers ie. no shirtless women on the cover.
  4.   Your book must be priced at $5.99 or less.

Ask David (http://askdavid.com/free-book-promotion).  It is amazing how much they will do for your book at no cost.  There is no catch.  They make a commission on each book that is sold because they are Amazon Affiliates but that does not affect your royalties.  They have a lot of visitors to the site so your book will get great exposure.

  1. You get a whole book promotion page for each of your books on their site.  The do not limit the number of books or ebooks, the do not have the rights to your book, and your books are on the site permanently.
  2. They link the page to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Pinterest.  This will get you a boost in Google Search because the more credible links to your site the better.
  3. If you have a book trailer or other video related to your book, they will display it.
  4. They will display your profile picture.
  5. Visitors may review your book and you can copy the reviews for your website. You will get automatic notifications of new reviews of your book.
  6. Visitors will promote your books on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  7. Your book will be linked to your Amazon purchase page so people can buy it.
  8. The will send a tweet about your book to their 13,000 + followers.
Assisting Authors Online  (http://www.assistingauthors.com)  Just a reminder that we do free promotions on our site. and on our Pinterest boards.  Out Books We Love page is a book review exchange,  If you want your book to be listed, you can pick any book from the page to review and put the review on Amazon.  You just send me an email at janis@assistingauthors.com.   Send me the title of the book you want to review, your book cover, the link to your website or blog, and the link to your Amazon purchase page .  Send me another email when your review is up, and I will add your book and links to the page.  Also  I will put your book cover on our More Books to Love Board on Pinterest.  If you have a book trailer video, I will put it on our Not Just Another Book Trailer Board as well.

Digital Books Today http://digitalbooktoday.com/join-our-team/:This  site has free and paid promotions.   Authors that are enrolled in KDP select can combine their marketing efforts by also getting their book listed on The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List.Here are the free promotions:

Weekly Featured Great Reads

  1. Amazon rating of 4.2
  2. A minimum of 25 reviews on Amazon
  3. Full length novel
  4. Priced between $.99-$5.99
  5. Featured for 7 days from Wednesday to Wednesday starting at 2:00 p.m.  CST.
  6. The first half of 2013 is filled, they will start taking new books in June.
Author Interviews
Requirements at the time of submission:
  1. Amazon rating of 4.0+ stars, a minimum of 25 reviews, a fiction novel, and a price between $o.oo – $9.99 on your book.
  2. Interviews generally are posted 6-10 weeks from the time of submission.
  3. Great flexibility with this option. Highlight your book. Talk about what inspires you.
  4. Posted on Digital Book Today.
  5. They post 2 interviews per week on Tuesday and Thursday. They are scheduling 10-12 weeks ahead of the current date.
  6. Click here to see their sample list of interview questions.
  7. Modify or combine several interviews you have all ready done.
  8. Do not send us an interview until we have approved the request. We will send info along with a sample Word document to use as a guide for the layout and links.
  9. Send a request to AnthonyWessel@DigitalBookToday.com. Subject line: Interview Request. Please include book title and a link to Amazon.
Guest Blog Post
  • The blog post that is submitted in most cases is already posted on the author’s website/blog. Getting the post reprinted on Digital Book Today is a bonus. The age of the post is not an issue if it is of interest to our readers.
  • Important note: We are looking for non-author examples and are not looking for posts on character development, plot creation, publishing a book, etc.
  • Here is a great example of an author talking about Beginners (authors) Using Twitter, but getting her book displayed in the post with search engine friendly links. Of course this article got posted on our Facebook page and was tweeted. We used this article because it was applicable to anybody selling a product or service and using Twitter.
  • Please realize that we reject more blog posts than we accept. However many of our most viewed posts on Digital Book Today are our guest blog posts. The main reason is that the post is not for readers of books. If you get rejected please try again.
  • We post up to four articles a week.
  • Click on this link to for a guide to help you make the most of this promotion:
  • http://digitalbooktoday.com/6-dbt-guest-blog-post/
Want to share a new or upcoming book with GalleyCat readers?  Authors, publicists, editors, and readers can all make use of this feature. Every week they receive an overwhelming amount of releases for new books at GalleyCat, but  can only share a tiny fraction of these new titles. They will use your submissions to update their weekly new books collection and feature some of the titles in their  Coming Attractions section, a weekly list of upcoming fiction and nonfiction releases.
This section helps them alert their readers to new books and cope with the overwhelming flow of publicity materials. As always, you can also post literary events on their Facebook wall.  The link will bring you right to the form.
GoodKindles is almost free.  They want a donation of over $7.00 paid to PayPal to promote your book
  1. When you arrive on their website, click on the menu item,”Why Should I Submit My Book Here?”   If you think it is worth i,t proceed.
  2. Go to our Paypal tab and send an amount of your choice (over $7). They use a safe Paypal system, and you don’t need to have an account, just an ordinary credit card. Books sent with a required payment will be approved the same day and will stay on the site permanently.
  3. Send an email to goodkindles (at) gmail (dot) com
  4. Type the title of your book, the book category and the author name in the title of the email. EXAMPLE: “The ghost – a horror novel by John Brady”.
  5. In the email body, write something new and unique about your book, something that is not included in the book description / review; something intriguing, funny or interesting about your book. This will greatly improve your book page visits. Please do not make your text too short (at least 200 words) – there users love to read. If you plan to run a KDP select free promotion, enter the free promotion dates somewhere in the beginning. Add the amazon link to your book in the beginning.
    Do not add any salutation, paypal receipt or any other information in email body as this is the content that will show up in your book listing on our site.
  6. Put your book cover as an attachment, not exceeding 200px width. Name of the image must be the book title and author, in following format: “nameofyourbook_authorname.jpg” (EXAMPLE: “theghost_johnbrady.jpg”). Do not forget about this – it helps to index your book properly and get more
Stay Tuned for More Free Promotional Opportunities.  If you know of any that weren’t mentioned here, please leave the information in a comment below with a plug for your book.


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