Get More Comments on your Facebook Page

I was invited to join a Facebook Group designed to get more Facebook Comments and ikes.  I thought it would be be great idea to get the author community networked on this site.  Please watch the video which I think explains how to use the group better than the directions given on the site.   This site is by  invitation.  Watch the video here and if you would like an invitation, please leave a comment or email me at with your email and Facebook fan page link and I will send you an invitation.  You can watch the video again after that.  It is really a cool group.

If you do not have a Facebook Fan Page, here is the post that is the start of the series that will show you how: or I will create one for you including 3 extra pages to go with it for $125. You can see mine at Click on the icons below the cover image to see the extra pages. The purpose of this post is not to sell services, but I am convinced that a fan page is essential for an author.

Hope you would like to join. Send me your fan page url and your email address.  Make sure when you join to write a post that you received the invitation from Janis Friesler.  Then start inviting your friends so we can make an author network in the group.

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