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Now that we are in the New Year,  I am exploring the world wide web looking for free ways for you to promote your books and brands.  I found a great one in Google Books.

Inclusion in Google’s Search Results

Google Books allows publishers and authors to submit their books for inclusion in Google’s search results. Whether you’re a large publisher with thousands of titles or an author that publishes just a few titles, participating in Google Books can: increase awareness of your book at no cost, reach Google’s worldwide user base,, refer qualified traffic to your website

Great for Kindle Direct

Clicking on your book from a search results page takes users to a limited preview of your title – just enough to give them a taste of the book, as if they were browsing in a bookstore or library.

Links to bookstores and online retailers make it easy for users to go from browsing to buying. If you sell your books directly from your own website, your site receives “top billing,” appearing first in the list of purchase links. Google Books previews also appear on book-related sites like online retailers and social book networks.  What is great about it is if your book is in Kindle Prime, you can still use  the Google service because they will link your book to Amazon,

Once you send Google your titles (or upload them as PDF files), they will add them to their index for free. By matching the content in your books with user searches, Google Books connects your books with the users who are most interested in buying them.

Each Google Books result will display the book’s title and author, a short excerpt containing the highlighted search terms, and other public data about the book.

The Users get a Preview not the whole book, Users get a taste of your book—but only a taste. They scan the full text of your book because they want people to be able to search all its content. But users can only access a limited number of pages to determine whether they’ve found what they’re looking for. They understand that your books are valuable, so they treat them with special care. All the books you send us will be hosted on Google servers and protected by the same security as’s search data. To further protect your book content, printing and image copying functions are disabled on all Google Books

As a Google Books partner, you have access to Google Preview – code that allows you to embed previews of your books right on your website. With Google Preview, you can easily enhance your site, for free.Visitors to your site can browse and search within your books right on each book’s product page.


You can even track how your book is doing,

Online reports let you manage your account information, view how many consumers have looked at your titles, see click rates on purchase links, and review other stats related to the Google Books program. You can customize reports to view results by date, title or ISBN.

Warning:  Make sure you choose not google play to get options to purchase other than google play.

This program  has more bang for no pay.  Click here to get started:  publisher and author signup

Leave a comment to let me know how you like it or any other free opportunities to promote  our readers’ books.




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