More Preparation for KDP Book Give-Away

I mentioned the last post that it is important  to have from 5-10 or more book reviews on Amazon before you launch your book give-away.  I suggested that one way to get reviews is to go on a Virtual Book Tour that promises some reviews.   I also suggested that you have a contest and give-away an Amazon Gift Certificate for a Kindle Fire .  In the Rafflecopter form (see the previous post),  I give away 10 entries for a book review (honest review) that is put on Amazon.  In order to review the book they have to purchase it and I give away 25 entries for a purchase.  That is a good way to get reviews and sell your book at the same time.    Here are more ways to get reviews:

  • Go to book blogs that provide reviews and submit your book.  Some want print copies.  It is up to you if you want to go through the trouble and expense of sending print copies. Here are some links:
    1. :http:// reviewer-list.html
    2. http:// 2009/ 09/ 15/ 100-best-blogs-for-book-reviews
    3. http://
    4. You can also join book groups in your genre on then talk up your book and ask fro reviews
    5. . has groups that are set up to do book reviews, so once you join you can submit your books to the groups.
    6. Another option is to go to book blogs and start commenting.  You can also ask to do a  guest blog for the site:  See image below.  Feel free to share it.

    About a week before your Give-away start tweeting, blogging, posting on Facebook and Linked in  all about your free Give-Away.    Do this every day before the launch and you should have  a lot of downloads.  One more thing,  go to and sign up.  Then scroll to the bottom and contact them about your free give-away.  If they include it in the daily email, you could have some great exposure.  I have downloaded a lot of interesting books through this site.

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