Prepare and Manage a Virtual Book Tour

Please read my previous two posts in this series  to make sense of this one.  Kindle Publishing Direct Select or KDP  will allow you 5 days during the 90 day period to give away your book.  I suggest that you use one or two of the days for a  Book Launch.  Your book does not have to be new to launch.  A launch is a good way to draw attention to your book,  Over the next couple of posts , I will suggest a  blue print to follow to  prepare for the launch and the Book Give-Away.  Let’s start with a Virtual Book Tour.

The Virtual Book Tour should drive your launch.  I select the date of the launch a few days after the tour is over.  The tour will help get you and your book branded (known to readers).  This is where you will pick up reviews, interviews, blog talk radio gigs, spotlights, and a chance to interact with your targeted audience.  It will give you fodder for your blog , Facebook and Twitter posts. Here are the steps to find and manage a Virtual Book Tour:

  1.  Do Not Plan Your Own Tour:  Planning a tour is very time consuming.   The tour is actually a stop at various blogs where the hosts promote your book in various ways: guest blogs,  interviews, spotlights, and reviews .  For you to plan your own tour would be a very difficult endeavor and a study in hit and miss.  I do not plan the tours for my clients although I do find some additional stops especially if the target audience is small especially looking for book review blogs.
    1. s use the Virtual Book Tour Cafe, because B.K. Walker has a lot of authors that do reviews  and reasonable  prices for her tours. I find the hosts to be very cooperative and professional.  You don’t need to be available on the day you are featured but you need to check in to respond to questions and comments.
  2. Most of the tour directors will target blogs that fit with your book.  I alway
  3. You need  at least 5-10 reviews before you do a  launch and especially a book give-away.  The tour is a good way to get some reviews.
  4. Prepare for your tour: Although B. K.  gives the tour hosts quite a few things for your tour, I like to introduce my clients with a  booklet of information to make the procedure easier on the hosts. Make a Press Kit to send to all the tour hosts. The  following should be contents of the kit:

Name, Title of the Book, Amazon link, URLs for the author’s website, Facebhook Fan Page, Twitter, and Linked in.

Author’s bio and book synopsis.  You can use your Amazon synopsis or your back cover text.

My clients always have a Rafflecopter contest.  They give away a Kindle Fire.  I tell them to look at it as a $159.00 advertising cost.  They use an Amazon Gift Certificate to send to the winner so they don’t have to pay for postage   You design the form at no cost at  When I design the form, I have different tasks that advertise the book.  The more time consuming or expensive the task,  the more entries I assign to the task.

 Once the form is designed, I copy the embed code and put it in the press kit for the hosts to use when your tour stops at their blogs.  I also  put it everywhere I can: my blog and Facebook page, the author’s blog and Facebook page, and tweet about it.  I have the author tweet about it, and use it as a task for entries to the contest.   The neat thing about the form is that when you edit it, it will update where ever it is displayed.

I also include  the embed code for videos that are made for the book such as video book trailers,video author interviews,  and video book reviews.  Always upload your videos to YouTube so you can easily get the embed code.

5. Manage Your Video Book Tour: Always be on top of your visits.  Put the stop dates on a Calendar and look at what is coming up a week in advance.

About a 4-5 days before a stop, email a thank you to the host for hosting the author,.  attach the blog, interview answers, or spotlight information, the authors image, the book cover image, and the tour banner to the hosts. ( See the image of a banner above. It is really a great deal larger than I had room to show here).

The day of the visit, go to the blog several times that day and answer questions or respond to comments, and thank the host again in a comment.

The next Post will talk about more preparation for your Launch.  So far you should have gotten your book formatted and uploaded to Kindle,  signed up for Kindle Select, and start looking for an affordable blog tour.

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