Promote Your Book Series for Free with Loyalte Pays

I belong to Loyalte Pays and once I started using it,  I had an idea on how I could use it to promote book series.  Loyalte Pays is a site that lets you download and share  pdf books, images, and videos for free.  If you want to understand how it works, take a look  at the video below.  My purpose here is not to promote  Loyalte Pays but my idea  will give you the option to use it.

My plan is to take the first  book of your series and put it  into the Loyalte Pays’  library.  Then members can download and share your book on their site and many social media sites.  They will do this because they may get paid for doing so.   The video explains this.  The problem is that you have to have a paid membership in order to upload material to Loyalte Pays.  Also you must have rights to the pdf and acknowledge the creators of the videos and images.  A paid membership is $37 dollars a month.

I thought to myself that this site would  be great for authors to put up the first book of a series.  Members will share the book if they like it, and will want to read the other books in the series as well as giving others the opportunity to read the book.  I also thought that $37 per month was steep for authors to give  one book away for free.  Then I thought I am a paid member and if I can convince the owner of  Loyalte Pays to allow me to act as an agent for the authors and  put up the books for them, it would be a win-win.  So I wrote Heide an email and we worked it out. This what we came up with:

  1. The author of the series will  send the pdf or word file of the book to me (if they don’t have a pdf ) through email to  I will convert the book to pdf if it is not in that format.  The series does not have to be a new series.
  2. The series can not have adult content (overtly sexual or deviant).
  3. The author will join as a free member of Loyalte Pays.  The author will have all the benefits of being a free member of Loyalte Pays.
  4. I will upload the book as the agent of the author.
  5. I will promote the book  through Loyalte Pays to all social media sites and on my blog at no cost to them author.  The author can promote  the book through Loyalte Pays as well.

I know what you are thinking,  What does she get out of it?  I get one dollar for every person who signs up for a free membership.  I get the possibility to earn 50% of a monthly paid membership if a reader joins as a paid member.   I get to read a free book.   Finally  I get to work with authors who may want to launch their next series through Assisting Authors Online or use other services that we provide.  Seems like a fair trade to me.

If you want to take advantage of this great promotion,  email me and we will get started.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section for this post.


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