How to Promote Non-Fiction Books

I was going to write a blog post about this but Lowell Young wrote this post for a virtual book tour stop at one of BKWalker’s Blogs, BOOKIT.  Since he wrote most of what I would write in a post,  I decided to put it up as a guest post instead of shameless self-promotion. I  am putting out a new list of services this week some of which you can not get elsewhere.  Keep an eye out for the announcement.  Please leave a comment with techniques you use to promote your non-fiction books.

Prior to publishing, I sent out 50 query letters to potential literary agents. The few who bothered to reply used words like, folksy, quaint, heartfelt, but not interested. This time, however, through an profound mystery, Janis Friesler from responded. We quickly discovered that we were both retired teachers and had much in common. I sent her a copy of Biodesign Out for a Walk, which she enthusiastically embraced, and became the knowledgeable, mult-italented agent I was searching for to promote my non-fiction book. Here is some of the magic she worked:


Lowell-and-Christie-200x300   The Siirst thing she did was to format my book for Kindle and uploaded it.  She walked me through the process.  She suggested I sign up for Kindle Select even though I would not be able to put the eBook up anywhere else for 90 days.  She said it would be worth it because then I could give the book away for free five times during the ninety days.  I plan to give the book away two days at the end of my virtual book tour.  She wrote a blog on why authors should give their books away for free:  You can find the whole series in her blog  archives,


Once the book was formatted, uploaded, and signed up for Kindle Select, the next step was getting the videos in order.  I already had a book trailer, and videos testimonials. as well as a YouTube Channel.  Janis did some editing and created a video book review for me and put it on Amazon.  She also collected reviews from Amazon to use in my press packet for the tour.

Virtual Book Tour

Janis set me up with a wonderful virtual book tour by contracting with Virtual Book Tour Cafe. run by BK Walker.  I received 10 targeted blog stops with spotlights, interviews,  guest blogs like this, or reviews.  All I had to do was write the blogs, answer the interview questions, and go to each stop on the schedule a few times a day to respond to comments and questions.  Janis managed the tour for me, making sure I sent her everything needed.  She wrote a press packet for me  which included contact urls, bio, images. embed code for my book trailer and the embed code for my contest form.  At this writing I have over 600 entries in my contest.  The contest is very important because the readers do tasks to promote my book for entries.  I am giving away a Kindle Fire HD so it is worth it for readers to have multiple entries.

The Launch

After the tour is over,  I am having a free book launch for two days.  As I said before,  Janis gave the reasons to do this in her blog series.  The main reason is that the more downloads I have the more Amazon will take notice and help promote my book.  For instance they may put it in “Other books you may like” on similar book pages.   After the Launch,  Janis will get the winner of the contest from Rafflecopter and I will email an Amazon Gift Certificate to the winner.  This way they can upgrade to a more expensive Kindle Fire or buy something else if they already have one.  At this time we have seleccted a winner.  Congratulations to Patti Rosellini.

After the Launch

Janis plans to format my book for iBook.  She is going to make the book interactive with images, video and sound.  She will also put my book on Sony books, Kobe,   She is going to jazz up my Amazon purchase page wirh images, links and video, create an Amazon Author Central presence, and she is also interested in helping me start a Podcast.

As you can see,  there is a lot to do to promote a non-fiction book as well as a fiction book.  It is very time consuming.  You can do it yourself but expect to spend a lot of time gathering information, uploading, formatting books, video, etc,  I knew it would take me a long time because I am not technology savvy.  I decided to leave most of it to the experts.

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