9 Reasons to Host a Virtual Book Tour

One of the nicest people I know is Lowell Young, author of Biodesign Out for A Walk.  If you are a teacher, lover of nature, spirituality,  philosophy, you must read this book.  The story is real, exciting, beautiful and touching all at the same time.  I cried at the end because I didn’t want it to be over.   I will be writing a more detailed blog about the book because I signed up for his upcoming book tour.  If you have a book blog, education blog, nature blog, spiritual or religious blog, you would do your readers a favor by signing up as well.  Here are the reasons why: 

  1. Your readers will have access to a contest to win a Kindle Fire HD for Lowell’s tour.
  2. You will get 10 extra entries to the contest for signing up for Lowell’s tour.
  3. The Virtual Tour Cafe also has a  contest giving away Amazon Gift Certificates if you sign up to host tours.
  4. You will get more traffic to your blog from people who follow the tour and more comments. Following the blog and commenting is one of the options for Lowell’s contest.
  5. You can publish an interview with Lowell, just by sending him a bunch of questions so his answers will be most of the post.  Not too much work for you.
  6. You can get a free pdf of the book and write a review as your post and put it on Amazon in addition to your blog.  You get ten entries to the contest for a review.
  7. You can write a spotlight of Lowell and the book like I am doing when I host the tour. You will have all the information you need in a press kit that will be sent to you.
  8.  You can have Lowell write a guest blog on a topic that would fit with your blog.  That would be very little work for you.
  9. You will be a guest host for The Virtual Tour Cafe and will be able to get a lot more traffic to your blog by signing up to host other tours.  You can pick whatever books that interest you.
I hope I convinced you bloggers out there that hosting a virtual book tour is a win-win situation.  It has worked for me and it will work for you. So go to http://www.virtualbooktourcafe.com/scheduling-now.html.  Scroll down to Biodesign Out for a Walk and sign up for the tour, then download the press kit.  I will send you more information once I know the date you picked to host because BK Walker, owner of the Virtual  Tour Book Tour Cafe will send me the schedule and the hosts. You can look for other interesting tours to sign up for while you are on the page. Then click on the menu item, Become A Tour Host and you will get an email when a new tour is available.
 Happy Blogging!


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