The Flower Fairy Superhero


This is a beautiful read-along eBook transcribed by a grieving father for his daughter. His daughter dictated the story to him on her fifth birthday to use in a puppet show for a family gathering for her birthday.

The video book trailer will give you an idea if your child will love the book as much as the reviewers.

The book is formatted as a over-sized print hard cover picture book,   The iPad ebook version   has each word highlighted as professional voice actors speak every word.  You can hear some of it in the video.  It took me a year to learn how to format the book for iPad.  Now that I have it done,  I am ready to do more.  The next one won’t take very long.  The Kindle version has little icons for each page that read the pages if they are clicked.   That didn’t take very long to do.  Here is a book review from the prestigious Midwest Book Review:

There was once a little girl named the Flower Fairy: a super heroine of a different nature, who loves to help people. Her bright red shoes enable her to fly, she holds an enchanted basket, and her mission is to help anyone in need.

When she comes upon a queen whose castle has been stolen from her by an ogre, she confronts an evil monster who is big, scary, and hungry. He’s sure she will fight him – but her weapons are magical flowers and a big heart.

The real value of a superpower lies not in confrontation and battle, but in viewing ‘evil’ in a new, positive light: one that can change even the monster inside.

What happens next offers young picture book readers of all ages (and their read-aloud parents) a joyful story with an underlying, positive message.

The bright, simple drawings by Francisco X. Mora are presented in a format enhanced by a read-along audio that highlights words as they are spoken. The pages can be set to turn automatically, and professional voice-over actors enhance the compelling story line. The result is a delightful multi-media package that winds a powerful message within a light, fun story of a magical girl who wants to spread goodness through the world through her actions: a message parents will relish in a voice-saving format they will appreciate. The book in this format is available on IBooks. There is a Kindle version with audio, but not highlighted. There is also a hard cover print version on Amazon with a special price if you buy both the print and Kindle version.

The original ‘flower fairy’ was an American child, Noam, who loved stories involving superheroes who helped others. She was only five when she was killed, along with other family members, in a car accident in Israel – but weeks before her death she wrote a puppet play, dictated the story to her father, and it was performed before her family at her 5th birthday party. It lives on in this book.

It should also be noted that part of the proceeds of all versions of the book go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

–Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review.

Click here to purchase it on Kindle or the hardcover oversized book There is a special price for both.  Click here  to purchase the eBook on iBooks.  There is a sample available on iBooks.    Don’t forget to review the iBook on Apple and Kindle or hardcover on Amazon.

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