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Creative Commons Free Image Sites  (royalty free)

  1. FreeFoto claims to be “the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet.” They’re available for offline projects as well, as long as you’re not using them to make a profit.
  2. Kave Wall Look for images and textures in unique categories like tattoo, smoke, and food.
  3. Digital Dreaner  Free, royalty-free stock images can be found here.
  4. Free Photos Bank  This features a handful of the newest photos in their directory, so check back often.
  5. Free DigitalPhotos gorgeous, easy-to-download photographs in categories like animals, celebrations, home & garden, and lots more.
  6. Visipix: over a million photographs and fine art pieces.
  7. Free Stock Images   A great variety of images including clip art
  8. Turbo Photo  A good place to find Hi Res photos
  9. Stockvault  Search for free stock photos
  10. Openstockphotography  Search This site offers over one million images for you to download and use however you want.

Manga and Anime Art

  1.   Download Manga and Anime Art

How to Draw Manga, Anime, Fantasy, Characters, etc. Free Tutorials

  1. for kids
  2. more advanced
  3. How to Draw Manga and other style for your books
  4.  Tutorials for anime manga and other forms of fantasy art.
  6.  Draw cartoon characters
  7.  Draw Fantasy

 Creative Commons Music for Videos

  2.  (free sound effects for videos)


  1.  (zooming presentation)
  2. iBook Author (mac app)
  3. Movie Maker (ipad app)



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