eBook Camp For Kids


janis-friesler Janis Friesler, national and International award winning educator and recognized expert  and speaker on best practices in education and project based learning, has developed a high interest course for middle grade students  ages 11-15.  This course will have the  kids writing and publishing their own interactive eBook.  Janis also promotes authors and books online with her former 8th grade student.  Click here for are some of the amazing things the kids will learn and will be able to use to support their projects in school:

Book Covers and graphics:  The will have internet access to all resources and instruction so they can use the tools for school projects as well.

  1.  Free resources for graphics for covers and interior graphics and illustrations.
  2. How to draw their own graphics including manga, anime, fantasy characters, animals, cartoon animals and people.
  3. If they choose to do a Fantasy book, they will create  their own fantasy world map.
  4. How to use PowerPoint or like program to easily create a book cover with text and graphics.
  5. How to use PicPick and Infanview to further enhance the covers and graphics.
  6. Free resources for video clips.
  7. Students will learn to make their own book trailers videos.

Plan the Book:

  1. Students will use activities from the National Writing Months Young Novelist’s Workbook.
  2. Plan the book by using Prezi  a presentation software.  They will use the Prezi as the interactive table of contents.  Prezi  is a valuable software tool used in middle school and high school.
  3. Use graphic organizers for plot, conflict and character development.

Write the book

  1. Students will use  6 trait +1 writing to write the book from their plans.
  2. Students will use interactive book software to write the book.
  3. Students will help each other with each step of the process.
  4. The students will add all graphics, video, audio and other interactively to their books.
  5. Prepare an interview and video tape it for an About the Author page in the book.

Publishing:  Students will learn about publishing and marketing books.

  1. November is the NOMOWRIMO Young Novelist’s Writing Month.  The children will have until the end of November complete their novel to submit to the contest.
  2. If they complete the novel in a month, Create Spacepublish 5 copies of the book.  You will have to pay for shipping.
  3. We will also put them on ITunes to be downloaded to IPAD.
  4. We can submit them in PDF format to be download on Kindle.
  5. I will put every completed novel on the Books We Love page on my site,   http://www.assistingauthors.com/books-love
  6. The students will put their book covers and book trailers on a Pinterest board on my Pinterest Site learning to use Pinterest at the same time.
  7. I will put up a Facebook cover with their book covers on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/jfriesler.
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